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Thrifted Gold: Planting roots in the new year

Photo by Bethany Morris.

The beginning of the year always brings the need for change and a bit of refreshing. What’s more refreshing to your living space than adding a bit of greenery and bright pops of floral colors? 

Revive your living space with a pop of color by creating simple and cheap DIY pots from thrifted dishes. You are being resourceful with your money while creating a unique piece of décor for your living space. The potted plants will reflect your unique style and interest. 

 I encourage everyone to look at local thrift stores for coffee cups, teacups, bowls and even tea and coffee canisters to use as pots. Find styles and patterns that you enjoy for the plant pots and then visit your local plant nursery. If your town does not have a plant nursery, Walmart and Lowe’s are always a great option for finding inexpensive plants.     

While I’m searching for some greenery and pops of color, I often browse the garden centers of Walmart and Lowe’s. Both stores offer low prices, and even a clearance section for plants that might be on their last limb. The clearance section is great if you have a green thumb and the time to devote to these plants!

Adding a bit of greenery and floral to a living space will brighten up any room. If you’re a busy college student like me, but you want to still have plants in your room, consider investing in succulents and cacti. Succulents and cacti require little to no maintenance. For pops of color, look into succulents and cacti that bear flowers. It is also interesting and fun to mix and match the different textures that cacti and succulents offer. The contrast of the rough, prickly texture of cacti against the smooth, shiny texture of many succulents is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

I found the thrifted dishes that I used for this DIY at NUTS in Laurel and City Thrift in Jackson. Believe it or not, I paid under a $1 for each of them. If you mix patterns, textures and shapes of your thrifted planters, it will provide a more organic look to your living space. It’s not only important to add this variety in your planters, but also in the plants you choose. Your new greenery should have a variety of colors and textures. 

When transferring your plants from their packaging, you add a little water while breaking up the soil. Add fresh soil in order to anchor the plant in the new pot of your choice. Often, when dealing with succulents and cacti, the soil is rather dry at the time of purchase, which makes removing the plant difficult. If you choose succulents and cacti to fill your thrifted pots, be sure to sit them in a sunny location. These types of plants thrive off of tons of sunlight.   

It’s important to note that your plant can only grow within the means of its new pot. When browsing thrift stores for glassware to use as pots, be aware that those with nice depth and width will produce more lush greenery. Don’t expect your cacti and succulents to rapidly multiply or grow to a large size in the size containers and canisters that I used.   

I hope that my tips will help you create your own unique version of thrifted potted plants! The options for creativity with this DIY are endless. Remember to always be on the lookout for thrifted gold in your local thrift stores.  


  1. Potting soil   
  2. Water (for adding moisture to the prepackaged soil) 
  3. Thrifted cups, bowls, or canisters (choose a variety of dishes)   
  4. Succulents, cacti, or your choice of plant (multiple sizes, shapes and textures) 

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