‘Psych 2’ great for fans and newcomers alike


Illustration by Erin Collins.

The fan favorite American TV comedy-drama series ‘Psych’, which aired from 2006 to 2014, made a return with their second film, ‘Psych 2: Lassie Come Home’, on the new streaming platform Peacock TV. 

‘Psych’ made its first reappearance with ‘Psych: The Movie’ in 2017, which aired through its original cable television channel USA Network. Fans loved the first movie bring back the popular television series, but one character barely made an appearance. Timothy Omundson, who played Detective Carlton Lassiter, suffered a stroke before filming on the first movie began. Because of this, he was only able to make a small appearance while he was in recovery. 

Now, since the beloved Lassiter, or “Lassie”, missed out on the first film, the entire script of the second movie revolves around him and his life post-stroke. 

The film opens with best friends Shawn and Gus three years after the events of the last movie. While on their way to visit Lassiter in a health care center, the pair finds a severed human hand, meaning there’s a new case to be solved.

Viewers also learn that Lassiter ended up at the rehabilitation center after being shot multiple times on a case. Although Lasseter’s attack was assumed to be a closed case, Detective Juliet O’Hara, Shawn’s wife, discovers that Lassiter does not seem to recognize who investigators thought was the perpetrator. Now Juliet is on the hunt for the real suspect while Shawn and Gus try to uncover the shady secrets the rehabilitation center is hiding. 

On top of all the crime investigations, we cut to Selene, Gus’s girlfriend and Juliet’s best friend, who just found out she’s pregnant. Because Gus is not answering his phone, Selene decides to follow Juliet to find him and just so happens to leave her positive pregnancy test in Juliet’s car. Later on, Shawn and Gus sneak into Juliet’s car and find the test, which they assume is Juliet’s. Shawn, thinking he is going to be a father, has a crisis, as he’s not ready for this much responsibility. 

If all that drama is not enough, Shawn and Gus’s old Psych agency building has been turned into a cat bar. No, not a location with drunk cats, but rather a location for people to come grab a drink and pet cats. And, to top things off, Shawn’s dad Henry owns the place, making things even more awkward. Yes, it was a chaotic reunion of our beloved cast.  

Overall, the movie deserves a 10/10. Learning that the screen writers had to adapt their script to fit the actor was admirable. They did the best they could with what they had and did not find an easy way out, like finding a new actor to play Lassiter. There were times when the backstory of the plot got confusing, but the pieces eventually fit together perfectly. The plot twist at the end which revealed the killer was unexpected, too, and really satisfying to see. It was a perfectly chaotic reunion for our beloved cast.

Watching your favorite characters deal with Russian ice bars, rehabilitation patients, killer nurses, a cute dog, a pineapple and a one-handed man? What is there not to love in ‘Psych 2’?