Seize the Seizure


Kahla Myers, creator of “Seize the Seizure.” | Photo: Garret Grove

Imagine sitting in class or in The Fresh with some friends. The person sitting next to you suddenly has a seizure.   

Would you know what to do?   

Kahla Myers is trying to guarantee your answer to that question is yes.    

Myers is a junior special education major at The University of Southern Mississippi. She created a website to help inform others about seizures.   

The website, called ‘Seize the Seizure,’ started as a class assignment.  

“I chose seizures ‘cause you never know who may have a seizure or a seizure condition,” Myers said.    

The website provides information on types of seizures, first aid measures, and more. It also talks about Kahla Myers’ history with seizures.  One seizure Myers experienced caused her to be in a coma for two months. Her muscles and joints atrophied.  

She had to relearn how to walk. To this day, she still uses a walker.    

Despite this and additional challenges, Myers is not hesitant to tell others about her experience.    

“I’d say that’s a hobby of mine, to share my story,” Myers said. “It’s just something I like to do from time to time.”   

This story served as the foundation of a website informing others about seizures.    

It is more detailed than a typical class assignment.    

However, lack of awareness about first aid measures is still a problem.    

Last semester, Myers had a seizure on campus. No one who witnessed her seizure knew how to react. She was seizing for five minutes before someone called 911.    

“I could have died. But I didn’t, so I’m really thankful for that,” Myers said.   

No one knew what to do when Myers’ seizure happened.   

However, the website Myers created has gained visibility outside of her class.   

Other professors have also incorporated the website and the information it presents into their curriculums.    

This website aims to ensure that someone will know what to do when a classmate or friend has a seizure.   

Myers’ efforts seek to ensure that what happened to her last spring will not occur again on campus.    

Click here to view Myers’ website.