No-shave November in full swing

Although unknown to many, November is very significant to millions of Americans of all ages, races, religions, classes, groups and or any and every walk of life all over the United States of America.

Men’s Health Month in November. Some individuals call it “Movember” and others recognize it as No Shave Novem-ber. Men’s Health Month is a national movement to raise awareness for men’s health issues mostly concerning Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer, although this does not exclude other health con-cerns such as mental health, colorectal cancer or various conditions. Men’s health month promotes men of all ages to get screened and examined, establish primary care with a doctor or physician, be aware of the risk factors and family history, do annual visits with their doctor, and take self-exams to recognize if their body has any abnormal behavior.

Many experts and doctors recommend males as young as teenagers and college students get examined for early signs of these diseases such as Prostate and Testicular Cancer. With Testicular Cancer and Prostate Cancer being the two most common cancers among men, it is vital that awareness spreads and that all men get examined.

One way millions of Americans across the nation are spreading awareness is by participating in No-Shave-Novem-ber. As mentioned earlier in the article, No-Shave-November is also an alter-nate name for Men’s Health Month. No-Shave-November is a movement initiated to raise attention by allowing your hair to grow for 30 days. Men are impugned to grow out their facial hair, beard, mustache, or whatever they can allow. This movement was created to raise awareness of Men’s Health issues, includ-ing a number of diseases and conditions. The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow flowingly and freely. In addition to that, No-Shave-November is not exclusive to just men to participate in. Both men and women are welcome to join the movement and spread awareness. Many cancer societies suggest partici-pants donate the money they would have used on haircuts and razors for the month to a charity of one’s choice. Also towards the end of November, most participants donate their hair to charity or cancer societies for research, and sometimes the hair donated is used and applied to cancer patients to boost self-morale and confidence.

Lastly, if an individual cannot partic-ipate in No Shave November because of certain circumstances, one could simply donate. More than 3 million cases of Prostate and Testicular Cancer are dis-covered each year. This is life-altering and could change an individual’s life for the worst. However, with enough people and advocacy, Americans could prevent the spread of these life-threatening diseases.