Roxanne Gay arrives at USM for an evening of writing and hope


Sean Smith

Roxane Gay is interviewed during her University Forum appearance on March 21, 2023.

Established author and proud feminist Roxane Gay made an appearance at USM’s University Forum on March 21st at Bennett Auditorium.  


Roxane Gay is an author who has published bestsellers such as Bad Feminist, Difficult Women, and Hunger. She is now working as a comic writer for the Black Panther universe within Marvel Comics. Gay is also an esteemed writer for the New York Times.  


During the event, Gay discussed her methods as a writer and how she does not let the hate of this world influence her psyche. She established that she does not fear the future of this world, and will be prepared to face the hate that surrounds her cause.  


The feminist-led forum fittingly took place during Women’s History Month, and influenced the conversation during the evening. Gay called out the traditions and societal expectations that befall women in America, and how change can be viewed as a problem to those that have the power to change them. “I think that there are lots and lots of cultural myths and we tend to hold on to them because they’re familiar and make us feel better about ourselves.” said Gay during the forum.  


At the end of the forum, students joined Gay for a book-signing in the foyer of the auditorium.  


Hundreds of students had gathered in the forum to hear what Gay had to tell the audience, and left the event with hefty knowledge on staying hopeful in a world full of hate. 


Breanna Zirlott, a student at USM, was moved by Gay’s message and saw the importance of having such a powerful feminist speak at USM. “I think, for me personally, because as a woman it would be really important that someone would voice something that, right now, I can’t do. So I think it’ll be really interesting to learn about what she views and how she views feminism itself.”  


Gay’s writing, despite it all, will continue to tell the truth about the world—and do it without fear.