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    Legacy of light: Dr. Jim Robertson’s journey of perseverance and achievement

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    Dr. Jim Robertson

    In the wave of life, some threads are woven with extraordinary resilience, determination, and steady faith. Dr. Jim Robertson’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s remarkable capacity to triumph over adversity. On that fateful day in January 1960, barely twenty years-old, the Southern Miss alum embarked on a journey that would challenge him in unimaginable ways.
    On his way to Hinds Community College for a final examination, a tragic auto accident blinded him, with his face shattered and eight teeth knocked out. Dr. Robertson was unconscious for weeks, enduring ten hours of surgery and countless transfusions. His long recovery journey began, marked by the strong spirit defining his life. It wasn’t just a physical recovery; it was an emotional transformation. Dr Robertson discovered resilience in the darkest moments.
    “At the rehabilitation center, I emotionally adjusted to being blind,” Dr. Robertson recalled. “I learned that I could be blind and capable.”
    This newfound strength, coupled with his determination, led to a decision that would shape his future. And a conversation with a staff member, Bunk Goodrum, ignited a fire within him. When asked about his plans post-rehabilitation, Dr. Robertson declared, “Hell yes, I’m going back to college.”
    His commitment was steady. He knew he wasn’t just returning to college but preparing to become a college professor. With boundless determination and the support of his wife, Linda, Dr. Robertson pursued his academic dreams. His journey took him from a two-year college to earning a Ph.D., a testament to his unwavering resolve.
    But the story of Dr. Robertson isn’t just one of personal triumph. It’s also a tale of political engagement. His family had a rich tradition of public service, and he followed in their footsteps. He left his mark on the state’s political landscape as a House of Representatives member for Mississippi. His decision to enter politics was a pivotal moment in his life, one that Linda supported wholeheartedly.
    Dr. Robertson’s life isn’t defined solely by academia and politics. It’s also steeped in faith and service. He and Linda have taught Sunday school for over fifty-five years, sharing their spiritual journey with others. Their faith has been a cornerstone of their enduring marriage and a source of strength. In addition to his numerous achievements, Dr. Robertson authored the autobiography “Beyond Darkness,” a heartfelt account of his remarkable journey. His motivation for writing was simple: to tell his story. Whether through this book or the novels he’s penned, Dr. Robertson’s writing reflects his determined spirit.
    As Dr. Robertson reflects on his life, he offers sage advice.
    “Life is precious, and each day should be cherished,” he said.
    With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an unbreakable spirit, he has shown that even in the face of darkness, one can emerge stronger and wiser.
    “I still have a number of years ahead of me,” Dr. Robertson asserts. “But if I don’t, if I knew, for example, that in ten minutes I was going to be dead, basically, and if you were sitting beside me, I would say to you, yeah, well, you know, I’d like to live longer. But the truth is, it’s been a good one.”
    In addition to his numerous achievements, Dr. Robertson is a loving father and grandfather. His children, Marguerite (Margie) Estelle Robertson married Mark Ferguson, and James Arthur Robertson III married Shannon Sherman.
    With a family built on faith, love, and a commitment to making the world a better place, Dr. Robertson’s influence extends beyond his triumphs. It’s a testament to the enduring power of family bonds and the ripple effect of one man’s extraordinary journey.

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