MTV VMAs filled with moments not soon forgotten

After last year’s unforgettable Miley Cyrus performance, many viewers tuned in to the VMAs last night to see what outrageous moments we would be talking about this year.

While Nicki Minaj’s slight wardrobe malfunction on stage wouldn’t be considered too outrageous, it is still something we’ll be remembering. It could have been a lot worse. Next time, Nicki, don’t have a costume change on the stage while you are performing.

And who couldn’t miss Taylor Swift dancing in the audience during some of the musical numbers? It was nice to see the star enjoying herself even when she’s not the one in the spotlight.

Of course, the best moment of the night was watching Blue Ivy dancing along to Beyonce’s songs. It’s obvious this kid got her mom’s love for music and dancing, and it was just so incredibly precious seeing the whole family together.

Still fresh in our memories, the VMAs also made sure to honor Robin Williams and the contributions he made to film during his life. While some on Twitter commented that the moment was forced and awkward, it was a nice way to show how Williams made an impact on the entire entertainment industry, and not just film.