Final Homecoming Election Results

The runoff elections for the 2014 Homecoming Court occurred Oct. 9. The winners of the election will represent The University of Mississippi in Homecoming activities Nov. 3-8.

For Freshman Maid, the candidates were Joneicia Collier and Madison Tynes. Collier received 42.39 percent of the vote. Tynes received 57.61 percent. Tynes is the 2014 Freshman Maid.

Emily Hope won the position of 2014 Sophomore Maid on Oct. 7.

For Junior Maid, the candidates were Sarah Beth Selph and Eboni Thompson. Selph received 47.65 percent of the vote. Thompson received 52.35 percent. Thompson is the 2014 Junior Maid.

Erin McLeod won the position of 2014 Senior Maid on Oct. 7.

For Graduate Maid, the candidates were Rachel Holman and Katherine Miller. Holman received 51.06 percent of the vote. Miller received 48.94 percent. Holman is the 2014 Graduate Maid.

For Miss Southern Miss, the candidates were Shonice Musgrove and Jaycee Padgett. Musgrove received 54.71 percent of the vote. Padgett received 45.29 percent. Musgrove is the 2014 Miss Southern Miss.

For Mr. Southern Miss, the candidates were Wilton Jackson and Daniel Paul. Jackson received 62.24 percent of the vote. Paul received 37.76 percent. Jackson is the 2014 Mr. Southern Miss.

For Homecoming Queen, the candidates were Kierra Garner and Jamie Jackson. Garner received 50.69 percent of the vote. Jackson received 49.31 percent. Garner is the 2014 Homecoming Queen. As runner up for Homecoming Queen, Jamie Jackson will serve as the 2014 Student Body Maid.