Living Together to Release First Full-Length Album


On Friday at Benny’s Boom Boom Room, local Hattiesburg band Living Together will host a release party for its new album “Tides.”

According to the Facebook page, Living Together is a self-described pop-punk-influenced  indie rock band, which lead vocalist Jake Burchfield jokingly described as “jangly indie rock for bipolar baristas.”

The band was formed in 2013 when Burchfield and current keyboardist Joel Gallaspy met and bonded over their love for music.

We just started playing around and writing songs, and (we) thought that some of it actually was turning out really well,” Burchfield said. “So we added bassist Trey (Boettcher) and  drummer Wes (Sanderford) and just kind of got started.”

“Tides” is the band’s second album to be released and its first full album. Since the release of the EP “There, There” in July 2014, the band has been working on new material.

Connor Holland, a senior entertainment industry major, was the engineer  hired from Golden Eagle Sound Production for the product, and he recorded, mixed and mastered both “There, There” and “Tides.”

Working with these guys has been a blast,” Holland said. “I feel that this album is something that I can really be proud of.”

Connor’s like a fifth band member,” Burchfield said. “We’ve been working together since October on this album, for hours at a time.”

Burchfield related a story during recording in which Holland played a prank on him.

During recording, I sometimes got impatient or just flew off the handle,” he said. “Connor actually took all those recordings of me cursing and made one long track of all the times I’d cursed and sent it to me. It was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard.”

After the many late nights of recording and mixing, the album was produced and is now available for sale.

My favorite song would have to be ‘Hell or High Water,’” Burchfield said. “It originally almost didn’t make it on the album because it was so upbeat. But now, I actually really like it. I’m glad it’s there.”

The album will first release March 27 with a special album premiere party at local venue Benny’s Boom Boom Room, where Living Together has played often before. The album will officially be released April 1.

They will be joined by alternative band The Social Lights and rock band Nossiens, formerly known as The Dinner Guests.

This will be the first time that we play the album from top to bottom,” Burchfield said. “We’ll also be selling merchandise like screen-printed T-shirts and, of course, the album.”

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Living Together will also be playing several shows in the upcoming month, with Hattiesburg appearances at Stinkfest on April 24 and 25, as well as May 1 at Marlin’s Grill.

For more about Living Together, check out the band’s Facebook or Twitter at @livingtogband, or the site 

To sample or purchase their music, they can be found on both Bandcamp and Sundbutt.