Film highlights survival, will power


It takes a great deal of human strength to climb Mount Everest. It takes a godlike prowess to make it back down.

“Everest” chronicles an adventure of defying the odds to climbing the mountain, one of the world’s most impressive feats.

“Everest” is all about willpower. How much will power do you have left whenever the gigantic odds are pit against you? That is the tale of a group of adventurers, led by Scott Fischer of Mountain Madness and Rob Hall of Adventure Consultants.

The movie was filmed almost exclusively in Nepal, which shows during the screenplay. Most scenes, if not all of them, are more realistic than first interpreted. The action’s scenery gives the movie a different feel that you may not find in other movies of this genre. The film lulls at points, but the cinematography allows those moments to be overlooked.

The movie keeps a simple plot. A group of men try to defy the odds and climb up Mount Everest. The chilling environment of Nepal gives the adventurers an already decisive disadvantage to their mission.

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, the crew becomes distraught over the venture. A catastrophic storm hits the group shortly after they reach the top of the mountain, pitting them against the fury of nature. The odds of coming out of the fight do not fall favorably for man, but the crew’s struggle remains legendary.

As the characters die off from various causes, the movie feels like it loses just a bit of its luster. Every character plays an important role in the context of the film. With that leaching emphasis in mind, the story becomes more tragic by the scene.

The film is cruel and sometimes dry, but the human element is overwhelming. The actors committed to their roles, exuding real emotion when needed. The movie does well to tug on the viewer’s emotions but also does a good job of showing that not every obstacle is worth challenging.

Seeing this movie will give you heartbreak over the ones who died on the expedition, as well as a sense that anyone can defy the odds.

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