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The seven deadly sins of Thanksgiving

Many people think the Thanksgiving holidays are filled with pure joy and thankfulness. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but that’s not entirely true.
According to, the seven deadly sins include greed, gluttony, lust, envy, sloth, wrath and pride. When I watch my family argue politics and have fights over the last piece of pecan pie, I believe the seven deadly sins relate to Turkey Day.

Greed – Wanting too much food.

Most of you believe this deadly sin is about a person who is greedy with their money or possessions. But food can also be a factor. Thanksgiving is about being thankful. But it’s mainly centered around turkey, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the year’s best home cooking on one day of the year. But when you get angry because your mom said the feast isn’t starting until 1 p.m., you might want to consider what you’re really thankful for.

Your quick fix: It’s okay to eat more than you usually do on Thanksgiving, but it would be nice to leave the last piece of pie for your grandma. Be mindful of what you eat and if you really need it.

Gluttony – Eating too much food.

This deadly sin also involves food, but it’s when you go for seconds and thirds that makes you a glutton. I’ll admit, I’ve been a glutton every Thanksgiving, but not anymore. Most Americans don’t know the correct portion sizes for their daily meals. So on Turkey Day, you double your portions and don’t think twice about it. Then, you go a week wearing sweatpants because your jeans don’t button.

Your quick fix: Make sure you’re eating the recommended amount of food, even if it’s Thanksgiving and you think you have an excuse to eat 10 pounds of turkey. According to the Medline plus website, one serving of meat or poultry is about the size of your palm. You’ll appreciate this when you still fit into your pants the next day.

Lust – Rekindling old high school flames

One of the deadliest sins is lust because it’s hard to resist and mostly done out of boredom. Nothing is worse than running into an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend from high school during Thanksgiving break. Even though the fling was more than two years ago, an old flame can be fun and distracting.

Your quick fix: A better idea is hanging out with your high-school friends or watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix. Rekindling old flames usually brings more baggage, which was likely the reason you broke up.

Envy – envious of your sibling(s)

Jealousy is a sin in itself. So when you come home for the holidays and see your successful sister or brother talking about their latest study abroad trip to Italy, it often makes you look like the no-good, black sheep and 3.0 GPA average college student. Your first impulse is to roll your eyes and tune them out. The other sibling most likely always gets the most attention during the holidays.

Your quick fix: Be happy for your other sibling and see their accomplishments as a good thing. They are, after all, supposed to be a good role model. Also, it’s not always bad to boast about your own accomplishments, even if it’s about making an A on your history final.

Sloth – The Thanksgiving siesta

You’re anything but active after eating a massive feast, which is why sloth is a Thanksgiving deadly sin.

When your stomach is full and you’re perfectly content, this is the perfect combination for an after-Thanksgiving cat nap. You end up sleeping half the day and missing the time with your family that you see only twice a year.

Your quick fix: In this situation, stay awake by taking a walk after you eat or going to the movies with your cousins.

Wrath – The annoying family members

Wrath is a deadly sin that can be mental or physical during the Thanksgiving holidays. You know the family members who ask everything about your life and never. stop. talking. They are the nicest people but sometimes they drive you insane. They are also the people who interrupt others during dinner conversations and talk throughout movies at the theater.

Your quick fix: If you’re at dinner and can’t avoid them, be polite. Family is family. But, if it’s someone you’re closer to, just joke with them and say, “Boy, aren’t you a chatterbox today!”

Pride – Winning the Black Friday lottery

As if you don’t feel enough satisfaction from your Thanksgiving feast, Black Friday can also be a deadly sin. Most Americans get excited about the door busters and long lines outside of their favorite department stores. But it comes too far when someone is literally fighting over a product with someone else. Don’t let your pride streak take over your thankfulness.

Your quick fix: Remember Thanksgiving is a holiday where you reminisce how grateful you are for the things in your life including your family, friends or your two adorable cats, Meredith and Denzel.

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