‘Twilight’ is actually a horrifying Halloween saga


There’s nothing more horrific than sparkling, mind-reading vampires who inhabit a luxurious mansion while seducing mortals. Despite its less-than-stellar, almost trashy, reputation“Twilight” presents a terrifying narrative on the backdrop of a fantastically cheesy love story.

Much like the polarising debate of the appropriate time to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Twilight” presents a more pressing argument concerning the angel one should watch or read the story from. While on one hand Edward’s and Bella’s journey of dramatic love and loss may offer a desirable forbidden love story, their trials and tribulations are accompanied by ghastly occurrences.

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Namely, with the physical introduction of the higher order of vampires, the Volturi, comes a horrific set of characters that prove throughout the four novels and five films that they are not above mass homicide and alienation to achieve their goals.

It is through these particular vampires that Stephanie Myers demonstrates the horror that resides underneath this romantic flick.  Jane, in particular, proves to be a terrifying force several time throughout the series with her ability to cause scarring mental pain through illusions. Her brother Alec also possesses a most vile ability of blocking one’s senses either completely or partially. Even the Cullens’ powers range in terms  terrifying gifts.

Despite the fact that vampires are presented as beautiful, graceful creatures to readers and viewers, the narrative also demonstrates several instances of carnage and destruction that vampires bring with them. In the first two entries of the series, Victoria and her coven roamed the streets of Forks, Washington piling up drained, bloodless bodies. As this conflict comes to a head in “Eclipse,” viewers are treated with gory, horrific scenes of an all-out war between deadly newborn vampires and beastly werewolves.

Though nothing quite compares to the gruesome transformation scenes that take place in “Breaking Dawn.” On Bella’s deathbed, Edward must make the gripping decision to “turn” Bella, finally consuming the forbidden fruit that’s dangled in his gaze for years. Cracking under days of pressure and antagonizing, Edward makes the faithful decision, throwing audiences into a terrifying series of scenes and images of his vampiric blood ravishing and transforming his true love. Truly, in many ways, “Twilight’s” romance is just as terrifying as battling, bloody vampires.”