‘Chasing the Sun’ or chasing failure?


Hilary Duff |Courtesy Photo

Hilary Duff |Courtesy Photo
Hilary Duff | Courtesy Photo

I remember when a certain Disney star was my role model. I sang along to her best hits “Coming Clean” and “Metamorphosis” as a self-conscious middle-schooler. I watched “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” at least seven times in one week because I dreamed of traveling abroad and meeting some foreign lover.

Hilary Duff was my #WomancrushWednesday every Wednesday and I did not even know it at the time.

Now I want to shake her and ask her why she is still making music. Her newest single, “Chasing the Sun,” has almost 18 million views and the majority of the views were for a good laugh. As I watched the video for the first time, I never wanted to be that girl running around on the beach and having a guy rub suntan lotion on my back.

The words are cliché and sound like a bad sunscreen commercial. And the music video is basically a story line about Duff at work daydreaming about frolicking on a beach with a man in short blue swim trunks. In the end, she is fired for her extensive thoughts.

So what exactly is the overall message? Is it that Duff believes she just wants to have a good time and does not care about productivity at work? As a college senior, I spend a lot of time wondering where I will be in a year and what kind of job I will have.

Duff could have done a better job by singing about something motivating or inspiring, not daydreaming about skipping on the beach and actually running into a glass window in her office. Oh, and the most horrifying aspect: blowing kisses to her fans as the video fades out.

There are only a few things in the video that made it slightly enjoyable for me: her chic, oversized glasses, her adorable bikini and the hot guy in the blue swim trunks. It saddens me to think that Hilary Duff used to be one of the main women role models in our generation. Many Duff fans could agree that Duff should put more energy into her acting career than her singing career.

For now, I will be avoiding her future albums and only  giving her a shout out when it is #ThrowbackThursday to Lizzie McGuire and her beloved friends, Gordo and Miranda.

 5 things you didn’t know about Duff:

  1. Duff hates bell peppers more than anything. She despises them whether they are green, yellow, red, cooked, raw or even as  a garnish.
  2. She has an unhealthy relationship with salt. Time to watch your blood pressure, Duff.
  3. She has her own fashion line called “Stuff by Hilary Duff.” Now you know why you have never heard of this brand.
  4. Duff had to have dental surgery after she reportedly chipped her teeth on a microphone during her performance. She left the dentist office with a new set of veneers.
  5. She is the sixth cousin of Lance Armstrong. At least Duff’s not using PEDs.

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