BUKU 2015


Alexis and Sam, members of Sweet Crude, make their first appearance at Buku Music+Art Festival.

Alexis and Sam, members of Sweet Crude, make their first appearance at Buku Music+Art Festival.

Electronic dance music, hip-hop and indie rock evolved at the BUKU Music+ Art Project in the Big Easy this past weekend. Festivalgoers sported everything from hippie attire to Deadmau5 headpieces.

The festival heated up in Friday’s shows with electronic guru Robert Delong, Nashville native Boyfriend, long-time band STS9 and rapper A$AP Rocky. Fans gaped at headliner Empire of the Sun’s theatrical performance Friday night, filled with vibrant costumes, Luke Steele smashing his electric guitar and confetti covering the crowd as the band ended with its popular hit, “Alive.”

DJ Bassnectar rocked the center stage Saturday night with a packed crowd and dropped beats that made everyone go wild. Local artists, including Sweet Crude, Boyfriend and Klutch, also performed at the festival and shared their most interesting memories as music artists. Sweet Crude is a seven-piece ensemble band that includes New Orleans native music artist’s Sam Craft and Alexis Marceaux. They described their music as Louisiana jungle pop and are inspired by New Orleans brass bands.

For inspiration, we like to go out to shows and listen to other bands,” Craft said. “There’s lot of creative energy.” Craft and Marceaux said one of their most memorable moments performing was when the Mardi Gras Indians joined in their jam session.

Nashville native, Boyfriend (as she likes to be called), was the only female rapper to take part in BUKU. She describes her music as “rap cabaret” and often performs in lingerie and a vintage robe her mother gave her.

I really try to exaggerate being a woman and play it up,” she said. Boyfriend emphasized her domesticity at the BUKU V.I.P. party, where she handed out 500 cupcakes to the audience. Klutch, formally known as Andre Waguespack, dubbed his DJ stage name with his love of cars. Waguespack said one night he was watching “Top Gear” on Netflix and then he randomly named car parts. He said that’s when “Klutch” popped in his head and the name stuck ever since.

Klutch said his number-one influencer is Bassnectar and he attempts to model the DJ’s self-expression on stage. He also said his most noteworthy performance yet was at this year’s BUKU festival, where he performed for festivalgoers. Although Klutch said he gets stage fright before shows, he said a switch turns on in his brain when he starts creating beats on stage.

Music is the only drug you need,” Klutch said.