“Mechanical Bull” takes listeners on a wild ride

You may only know them for their hit “Use Somebody,” but Kings of Leon have continuously grown in the years following their first album release. The band took a bit of a hiatus after releasing “Come Around Sundown” and left fans anxious to see what the band had in mind for the future. When word spread that Kings of Leon would be releasing a new album, the anticipation soared.

With the band’s tremendous talent and good looks, they definitely didn’t disappoint fans with their comeback album. No matter your mood or situation, “Mechanical Bull” has a song for you.  If you’re looking for an upbeat tune that will make you feel like it’s summertime all over again, the first single, “Supersoaker,”  is a great choice. Like the first single, this album showcases the band’s groovy, funky sound and their carefree, confident persona through songs like  “Don’t Matter,” “Family Tree” and “Rock City.”

While KOL albums tend to include more jams than easy listening, this album came equipped with a few softer numbers, each with a powerful message.  Songs like “Wait For Me,” “On The Chin” and “Beautiful War” allow listeners to get a personal look into what inspires KOL.

Kings of Leon has always been known for heavy-drum songs that keep listeners jamming. This album is no exception.  At least half of the songs are ones that listeners could dance along with.

This group has a classic rock sound mixed with the southern grunge culture they were raised in. KOL also writes songs that are poetically relevant.  Whether it is a hopeful or heartbreaking song, this band knows how to make the message slightly ambiguous so listeners can develop their own interpretation. The lessons are also relatable.

“Mechanical Bull” delivers the best of both worlds for listeners. The album is a creative expression of the fun and freedom associated with youth, but it is also a representation of the struggles and conflicts that young people face on their life’s journey.  Kings of Leon delivers their ideas through their brilliantly crafted southern rock sound that will surely entertain listeners for decades to come.