Departments plan new courses for spring semester


As students sign up for advisement appointments and register for next semester’s classes, many anticipate what the spring has to offer.

“New courses need publicity or students won’t find out about them,” said Associate Professor of Political Science Bob Press.

Departments such as the Department of Theatre and Dance and the Department of Science and Technology, to mention a few, will offer the same courses students need to gain credit and earn their degrees. The Department of Political Science, International Development and International Affairs, however, will offer two new courses in the spring of 2017.

Women and Human Rights PS 455/PS 555 with Press will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:45 – 3:40 p.m. in Cook Library 208.

“Women comprise 70 percent of the world’s poor,” according to the course’s description. “In this course, we will examine the issue of women’s rights within the context of global human rights with case examples from the developing world, including Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and others.”

Press said the class would critically analyze these conditions and practices, which need changing.

“And we will examine efforts by women to improve human rights for women,” he said.

Political Development PS 457/PS 557 has been taught in the past, but has not been offered for several years. The theme in the spring is “Who Owns the Earth.” The course will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 – 12:15 p.m. in Cook Library 208 with Press as well.

“Land grabbers are buying up vast chunks of poor countries,” the course description said. “Spurred by fears about future food supplies, China, Russia, Indian billionaires – and others are signing shady deals that push poor farmers aside and make a few wealthy.”

The course aims to focus on global land grabbing cases and the competitors within the cause. The course’s text title reads, “New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth,”

The new human rights course will earn credit for the human rights minor, sponsored by the department. The department also sponsors a Center for Human Rights and Civil Liberties and Students for Human Rights. The later meets Tuesdays from 12:15 – 12:45 in LAB 107.

Both courses are offered for both undergraduate and graduate students.