Students “Rally to Restore Sanity”


Students plan to rally in front of The University of Southern Mississippi on Nov. 14.

Event coordinator Farah Habad said the rally is not an “Anti-Trump Rally,” but a way to “fill the tangible void of love.”

The event, titled “Rally to Restore Sanity,” has garnered more than 73 participants on its Facebook page and is set to begin at 5 p.m. The page said the event will take place where people normally rotest to bring back the confederate flag.

“It’s just an attempt to counter balance the hate that manifested itself from a new Trump America,” Habad said. “For tomorrow, my goal is to put just a little love out there to remind groups that have been told they are less than that they are still important.”

According to the page, the protest will be peaceful and productive.

“Come armed with positive energy,” Habad said on social media. “We only lose when we stop fighting for what’s right. I’ve seen and read some absolutely abhorrent things in the last few days, and I know we are better than that. Let’s use the strength of community to remind each other of that.”

Upon Tuesday’s results, protestors took to the streets of New Orleans, rioting and burning effigies of Trump. According to New Orleans’ WWLTV, Sunday marked the first night without protesting, having organized through social media since Wednesday evening.

New Orleans is one of many major metropolitan cities nationwide that have consistently experienced organized protests against Trump.
Habad said he would not classify the reactions in New Orleans as riots.

“I can’t blame anyone for how they grieve,” Habad said.“For some, the trauma they feel from a Trump presidency is visceral and should absolutely be understood. That’s a big problem with how we view civil disobedience. We focus too much on the messengers over the messages.”

Habad said participants should wear black to show unity and to ensure that the rally’s intended message is more important than the messengers.