Budget-savvy Halloween costumes

This Halloween, your costume should outshine everyone else’s or at least be a great conversation piece. But, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Putting together a costume does take creativity and few pennies, but it’s definitely worth it when you don’t end up looking like Cady Heron’s dead bride costume from “Mean Girls.”

It would also be wise to go ahead and forget Karen’s funny saying, “I’m a mouse DUH,” unless you want to look like the October’s favorite Playboy bunny.

Check out these six completely random do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. Not only are they funny and inexpensive to make, but you’ll enjoy yourself at the party rather than worrying if someone will spill a drink on your $80 Dark Mad Hatter costume.

Rosie the Riveter: You will need: a chambray shirt, dark jeans, red lipstick, pink or red heels and make sure to flex those arms all night. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, wear a pink bandana.

iPad: All you need for this costume is a black dress for the women and a black shirt and black pants for the men. Print or draw and color your favorite apps, cut them into squares and tape them on your shirt. Also, draw the “slide to unlock” button and place it below your apps. Now, you’re charged for the party.

50 shades of grey: This is named the sexiest costume of the year (well, I thought so, at least). You need two things for this costume: a grey shirt and a paint swatch book. So I suggest you go to the Home Depot and tell them you are painting your bedroom and you need color samples. Then, flip through the color samples until you find all the shades of grey. Take them out and tape them on your shirt until the front of the shirt is covered. Who knew this costume could be modest and sexy at the same time?

Emoji: You can now pick your mood and stick with it all night long. Wear all black and cut a poster board into a large circle (probably twice the size of your head). Paint it yellow and cut a circle on the bottom so your head can stick through. Then draw your most frequently used emoji.

Crayon: Pick your favorite crayon color and wear it from head to toe. Add a pointy hat made out of felt or construction paper. For extra creativity, write your Crayola color name vertically on the side of your costume. Witty names like Atomic Tangerine, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Wild Blue Yonder are great conversation starters.

Raining Cats and Dogs: You’re in luck if it decides to storm Halloween night. Wear a raincoat, rain boots and carry an umbrella. Hang stuffed animals or paper cutouts of cats and dogs from your umbrella with safety pins.