‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ may be your new favorite app


Gamers are ready to lose themselves in yet another huge release after Nintendo’s recent announcement that the long-awaited addition to the popular Animal Crossing series will release on mobile devices in late November.

After years of waiting for a new game, Animal Crossing fans were overjoyed to find out that their precious series will now be playable wherever they go. Normally confined to the restrictions of consoles such as the Nintendo GameCube and most recently the Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released on phones, a true game-changer for Nintendo. Following the massive cultural phenomenon that was the company’s hit app game Pokémon: Go, gamers are well-prepared for this new game to take over their lives, and in many ways, Pocket Camp will reach a wider audience than its massive predecessor.

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A surprising release in 2002, Animal Crossing on the GameCube has become widely known as the game that stole gamers’ childhoods, allowing players to fall in love with their virtual towns and avatars as if it were their real lives. As a staple in every Animal Crossing game, you play as an avatar that lives in a quaint, cartoony town where you are the only human. Your neighbors and closest friends are adorable humanized animals with vibrant personalities that make you form instant connections, unlike with your pesky real-life neighbors.

Though basic plotwise, this series has grown to the mega- hit that it is simply because of the natural humanistic desires the games draw upon. Animal Crossing has been criticized for the lack of story in each game, but since its humble beginnings, the game has been celebrated because of its simple, open atmosphere and relaxed play-style. While living in your town, you get a job, decorate your house however you see fit, make fish trips, catch bugs, go out to late-night bars, become best friends with town members and even become mayor in the series’ latest addition. In Pocket Camp, the premise remains the same except instead of being in a town, you’re camping, which instantly peaked many fans’ interests.

The fact that the series is now coming to phones is huge news because of the wide scope in its target audiences.

“If executed well, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has the potential to be Nintendo’s biggest mobile hit yet,” Sam Byford, reporter for The Verge said. “Animal Crossing is an even more natural fit for smartphones, with its focus on communication, daily play, and small in-game purchases.”

“Thing is, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is just as addicting as previous games and its new, simpler format is a perfect fit for playing in downtime on your phone,” Jed Whitaker, reporter for Motherboard, said.

In an age where no one is ever without his/her phone, the sheer potential for this game is higher than anything Nintendo may be expecting. Unlike previous app games Nintendo released, Pocket Camp ranked number one in a matter of two hours during its soft launch in Australia, according to MacRumors. Numbers are only expected to grow once the game has made a full release.

Also, unlike Nintendo’s recent mobile release, no prior knowledge of the product is required to enjoy Pocket Camp. Virtually anyone can download the app and immediately begin enjoying the relaxing, fulfilling atmosphere that gamers have enjoyed for years. Anywhere, players can open the app and fiddle with their recently purchased campsite decorations or continue to work off their ever-growing loan from the dastardly raccoon, Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released in late November, and you can watch the wonderfully whimsical announcement trailer on YouTube now.