The Lanie Diaries: Freshman Year

After a long and glorious winter break, I had to leave the comforts of my home, a place where I had no school-related responsibilities. I was sleeping in until 10:30 every morning, but now I am back to waking up earlier and getting ready for school every morning (except Thursdays because I thankfully don’t have school on Thursdays.) As a new semester has started, there are a few things I am having to get re-used to.

First of all, I had to get really acclimated to the ice, which was a very new thing for me and most of the people at USM. Walking outside my dorm, inside my dorm, under the Lucky Day arc, or right before the back entrance to the Fresh I almost met my maker every single time I tried to go anywhere. Why? Because ice covered anywhere that was shaded. I ended up becoming a homebody until my first class, so that I would not have to end up falling on the ice.

I saw a few people bust it on the ice covered walkways. I dared not to laugh because I knew karma would come and get me, and then I’d end up busting it in front of a ton of people.Thewaypeopleslipped on the ice was like a long, hard- fought battle of slipping and catching themselves until they were ultimately defeated by their newest enemy. Props to people from the North because I have no idea how you guys do it during the winter.

What became a not-so-new difficulty was finding all of my new classrooms. I have always struggled with this; from Kindergarten to my second semester of college, nothing has changed with that. I have always been terrified of ending up in the wrong classroom and not making it to my class on time. Luckily, they are all in the same vicinity, so I was not speed walking as much as I was last semester. I got super nervous that I was going to end up in the wrong classroom and have to leave during the beginning of a lecture- no thanks.

I also had a hard time getting used to going to class because the break was so gloriously long. I had gotten so used to being lazy, so when school started it was a total wake up call. Luckily, I never ended up missing a class. Here’s to small accomplishments.

My second semester of college will probably end up being a bit easier than the first. I’m not having to get used to new surroundings or worry about where everything is anymore. I feel more in control than last semester, so that makes everything feel a little easier. All in all, my first week of classes went pretty well. I got an extended break, and I did not end up in any of the wrong classrooms. Thankfully, my teachers seem great, and I feel like this semester will go pretty well.