Robert St. John to bring new brunch spot to Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg’s restaurant scene will have a new addition to the Midtown area, helping the area to continue to grow and economize the city. The Midtowner will be a cute brunch spot and is owned by Robert St. John, Hattiesburg’s notable restaurateur and chef. St. John is the owner and operator of The Purple Parrot Café, Crescent City Grill, The Mahogany Bar, Tabella and Ed’s Burger Joint in the current Midtown region.

St. John has owned restaurants and provided the Hattiesburg public with above par food for over 30 years now and plans to possibly open four new restaurants in following years, according to his column in the Clarion Ledger.

“Thirty years is a long time, but I love what I do for a living,” St John said. “It’s not work to me. It never has been. I get to do my hobby every day and get paid for it.”

The growing success and integrity of St. John and his teams have allowed for the creation of his new restaurants like The Midtowner.

“A lot happens in a restaurant over a 30-year span. We have grown and expanded. We have had extreme highs and vaulted to heights I never dreamed of,” St. John said. “The highs are great, the lows are challenging, but both are fleeting. It’s the time spent in the middle — in the day-to-day grind — that makes a long-lasting and fulfilling business existence. Ultimately, it’s the people.”

What is known of The Midtowner is that it will serve as a brunch spot. St. John wanted to add restaurants to the other ones he already owns including Crescent City Grill, The Mahogany Bar, Tabella, The Purple Parrot Café and Ed’s Burger Joint.

The opening date for The Midtowner Restaurant has not been released but is expected to be in the near future. At this rate, Hattiesburg will be seeing many more openings from St. John.