Sing with SMAC

For any student wanting to take a break from the stress of finals, the Southern Miss Activities Council will host a Karaoke Kickback Wednesday night in Seymour’s.

“We wanted the last SMAC event of the semester to be laid-back and fun before the stress of finals begins to consume everyone’s time. What better way to do that than having a karaoke night?” said Jaynie Kergosien, a junior elementary education major and communication chair for the Karaoke Kickback.

“Karaoke is fun and does not take too much brain power, so if students are feeling burnt out from the semester, singing a catchy tune is just the thing to perk up before finals,” Kergosien added.

While Seymour’s may seem like an odd place to host a karaoke night, the SMAC members thought it would be a great location for this event.

“We are hosting the event in Seymour’s because it is such a high traffic area and a great space,” Elyssa Klipsch, a junior music education major and event coordinator for SMAC. “We are trying to use the spaces we have on campus in unique ways and thought Seymour’s would be something different that students would enjoy coming to.”

“The hours will be extended until 10 p.m. for the event. Chick-fil-a will stay open until this time, but Subway will be closing at its regular hours,” said Gavin Snyder, a junior communication studies major and SMAC president.
But isn’t having an event like this at the end of semester a little risky? So many students will be wrapped up in finals drama, but the members of SMAC aren’t worried about this at all.

“We planned this event during the end of the semester on purpose,” Snyder said. “We wanted it to be a way for students to relax and take their mind of their exams, projects, and more for a few hours.”

“Some studies show that when studying, it is good to take frequent breaks to let the material you are studying sink in,” Kergosien added. “This event is a wonderful opportunity for students to unwind before the stress of finals begins.”

Even people who may not consider themselves to be great singers are welcome to come.

“Even if you don’t have the angelic voice of Adam Levine, we still want to hear you belt out the lyrics to any song from Journey to Ke$ha. I hope that those who attend brave the stage and have fun. If attendees do not want to sing, then just listening to the participants and cheering them on will be fun,” Kergosien said.

As if a break from school stress and great late-night food wasn’t enough incentive to attend the Karaoke Kickback, the SMAC members have something else in store for those who attend. The top performers of the night will win gift cards from local restaurants and the top performer of the night will receive a trophy.

Admission is free and the event will begin at 7 p.m. DJ Kujho will emcee the event.