The voice of and for USM students


The voice of and for USM students


The voice of and for USM students


Five songs that emphasize the importance of America and our rights

Illustration by Lillie Busch.

Nov. 5 is election day.  Thousands of people young and old will head to their nearest voting district to cast his or her ballots for governor of Mississippi.

Voting is an important part of American culture, but college students struggle to find time to vote.  Here are five songs to get them out to the polls.

  1. “Real American” by Rick Derringer

No, this isn’t an article about the best wrestler introduction songs, but “Real American” is a reminder that no matter the odds, get it done.  

A lot of music during the ‘80s emphasized motivation and never giving up, but “Real American” also reminds the listener that they are a proud citizen of America, and what do Americans do?  They vote, among other things, but most importantly vote.

  1. “(You Can Still) Rock in America” by Night Ranger

Another patriotic song from the most patriotic decade in human history.  Many people recognize Night Ranger as “the band that made that one song my friends and I sing drunkenly at karaoke night,” but this 1983 single might be their greatest work.  

Why?  Because it’s about America the beautiful!  

Southern Miss students can show their patriotic pride by pulling into the parking lot of wherever they vote while blaring out this song at maximum volume.  Truly, the American way.

  1. “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)” by the Beastie Boys 

Many college students aren’t registered to vote.  Many would rather choose to party rather than go out to the polls.  

Think about it this way, though, voting is like deciding whether or not we should be allowed the right to party. This gem by the Beastie Boys is about how sometimes people have to fight for the preservation of the simple things in life.  If people don’t vote, then they can’t party.

  1. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash

People think punk music is only about rebelling against the establishment, but that’s not true.  

This song, from the band’s 1983 album “Combat Rock,” could also be used to apply to an everyday dilemma: do I go out and vote, or not?

If a student chooses to vote, then they play a part in deciding who becomes the next governor of Mississippi or President of the United States.  If they don’t, then it’s their loss.

  1. “Renegade” by Styx

Imagine being the person who likes to vote and support a good cause.  

Imagine waking up, going through the day and reaching the end, only to realize, “No, I forgot to vote!”  

Styx’s song makes the individual feel like they committed a crime and are now on the lam.  

Nothing says renegade more than forgetting to vote and having to apply for an absentee ballot instead.  Truly, the sign of a renegade who had it made.

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