Students receive opportunity to request grade changes, accept pass or no pass


“The Dome” or the Aubrey K. Lucas Administration Building at Southern Miss. Susan Broadbridge / Printz

Students will be able to request to permanently change their letter grades at the end of the semester, according to an email from executive vice provost Amy Chasteen.

In the email sent to students, Miller said the three alternative options will not have GPA impact.

  • Z Grade: Means “Pass” and satisfies all pre-requisite requirements. Has no GPA impact.
    • Can replace grades of A, B, or C or higher at the undergraduate level
  • P Grade: Means “Pass.” Has no GPA impact.
    • Can replace grades of D at the undergraduate level
  • NP Grades: Means “No Pass” and does not give any class credit. Has no GPA impact.
    • Can replace grades of F at the undergraduate level

However, these grades cannot be applied to January intersession or first half-term classes.

Miller advised those on academic probation or suspension talk to their advisor about whether they should change their grades. Student athletes must talk to their counselors before changing their grades.

A page with the request form and more information about the options will be on the Registrar’s page by mid-April.

“We hope that these options for alternative grades for spring 2020 will ease your mind and allow you to focus on successful course completion as you prepare for the next year. We are all eager to move forward and resume classes as normal. In the meanwhile, we are here to support you as best we can. Please take good care of yourself and be safe, and we look forward to seeing you in person soon,” Miller said.

The announcement comes after the University of Mississippi’s Council of Academic Administrators voted to adopt a similar system March 21.