What’s new with your news

Each new school year brings changes, and this one is no exception.

The Student Printz is undergoing many changes from production dates, to a new website to the way we communicate with each other as a student body.

Starting this year, the Printz will be published on Mondays and Thursdays, which is a change from last year’s Tuesday and Thursday publication days.

The Printz also has a brand new website designed by Chris Greene, senior computer science major, Printz webmaster and founder of www.nyctodesign.com.

Our website has a new layout, an easier method of posting and viewing student shoutouts and a mobile-friendly template for those who view the site on their phones or tablets.

The changing media climate has caused us to begin the transition from the print medium to an online presence.

Please be patient with us as we begin this big transition. The Student Printz has always and will always be a voice of the students, for the students, by the students.

Visit the revamped Student Printz website at www.studentprintz.com to view web-only articles, photo galleries and multimedia content.