Saweetie and Little Mix celebrate their independence with “Confetti”


Sometimes, a breakup is more of a celebration than a sad event. Pop group Little Mix returned to the spotlight last Friday with rapper Saweetie to celebrate breakups with the “Confetti (Remix)”. The “Confetti (Remix)” was a great way for Little Mix to reimagine and return to the spotlight, and will set the group apart as they enter the rest of their ‘Confetti’ era. 

The last thing we heard from Little Mix was “No Time For Tears” with Nathan Dawe, which they released last November. After Jesy Nelson left Little Mix for personal reasons, the group announced a temporary hiatus so they could take the time to properly regroup. 

I think the break was needed at that point because, honestly, the ‘Confetti’ era was not my favorite. Not only did the era seem rushed, but the project itself also wasn’t as eye-catching as their other albums. It wasn’t that ‘Confetti’ was a bad album — it just didn’t have a lot to look forward to like ‘LM5’ did. Also, this was the worst promotion era for Little Mix’s singles. Being in a pandemic is no excuse for not promoting a new single. Plenty of artists dropped projects and singles during the pandemic last year, and they still promoted their singles. 

Nonetheless, the remix caused a great deal of excitement and anxiety for fans. Though we were excited for the collab, we didn’t want Saweetie to do what Little Mix did to Nathan Dawe, i.e., leave them to promote the single all on their own. Also, speaking as a Saweetie fan, her pop features are typically a hit or miss. Her feature with Demi Lovato, “My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends”, wasn’t that great. 

So when they released the song and the video on April 30, I was thoroughly, happily, surprised and pleased with what I had heard and seen. The original version of “Confetti” was one of the songs I had grown to love over the past few months, and Saweetie added to it perfectly. Saweetie was on beat, her verse was relevant to the song and she switched up her flow elegantly. 

The best part of the remix were the added harmonies behind Saweetie’s verse, as well as the new ad-libs towards the end. I loved how the producer seamlessly slid Saweetie into the song as well as they did. The overall production of the song with its new touches added made it much more interesting than it was originally. 

All of the women looked amazing in the music video as well. The music video featured Little Mix flirting with LGBTQIA+ culture once again with a video centering around drag. The group featured Bimini, Tayce and A’Whora, prominent drag queens from the UK version of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. The video also had Little Mix dressing as drag kings they named Pez, Lenny and J-Dog. Though Saweetie didn’t dress in drag, she did dress up for the video, appearing towards the end for her verse. 

Overall, the “Confetti (Remix)” was a pleasurable surprise to watch and hear. The video, the costuming, the production and the lighting of the video brought the whole thing together, and the song was a lot of fun to listen to. I’m excited to see what Little Mix 3 has coming for us this year and for the rest of their ‘Confetti’ era. I’m also excited to see what Saweetie will be doing after this and her monstrous ‘Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1’ EP.