Lucky Daye delivers long-awaited delicacy to music world


Lucky Daye has delivered another musical masterpiece with his newest album, ‘CandyDrip’. This is Daye’s third studio album since the release of ‘Painted’ in 2019. 

‘Candydrip’ is filled with subtle mixes of soul, r&b and hip hop, incorporating some of his signature sounds into this new project. It is composed of 17 songs, running at just a little under an hour of play time. 

Like his other works, Daye keeps his signature elements of calming music, storytelling and spoken words-describing a past relationship. 

Starting with ‘Intro’, the first song on the album, Daye instantly grabs the attention of listeners as he describes the girl of his dreams in spoken word. With his wordplay and details, the fantasy that encircles Daye’s mind can be easily imagined by listeners. 

Other notable songs on the album include ‘NWA’ featuring Lil Durk. This song was released before the album and has an underlying Latin, rhythmic beat, overlapped with a modernized hip hop beat. 

‘Guess’ has a groovy, old R&B sound that could be compared to an older Usher song. This song entails the struggles of Daye trying to prove himself to his dream girl. 

‘Over’ is one of the most recognizable songs of the project. It highlights the ups and downs of his relationship as “nightmares turn into a dream” by detailing the toxicity of the relationship.

Lucky Daye ends the song singing, “know you a 10 but that attitude ain’t fine”, signaling to listeners that he recognizes the problem of his relationship, wants to fix it, but the girl isn’t responding the way he wants. 

Ending the album, Daye closes with ‘Fever’ and ‘Ego’. ‘Fever’ gives off old soul and R&B vibes and has a calming melody with underlying bass and a slowed-down beat. 

Most of the song could be compared to Genuine’s famous hit ‘Pony’, as it entails almost the same beat sequence and rhythm.

 ‘Ego’ ends the album as a soulful, ‘70s beat and melody unfolds in front of listeners. It ends with the same calming element as ‘Fever’ and provides a tranquil ending to the work of art.

Overall, this album is the best work that Daye has released so far, and hopefully, he will deliver an album as “sweet” as this one in the future.

 The album displayed a story from the beginning to the end, leaving listeners wondering who was the girl Daye sang his heart out for. 

Maybe she was a figment of his imagination, someone from his past or someone he is currently trying to reconcile with. 

Daye displayed his innermost emotions, desires and hopes within this masterpiece. ‘CandyDrip’ should be available for Grammy nominations and is highly recommended to music-lovers.

Rating: 10/10


Grammy-Nominated R&B artist Lucky Daye dropped his second album, titled ‘Candydrip’ last Friday. ‘Candydrip’ follows his last project ‘Table for Two’, an EP that was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year for Best Progressive R&B Album. 

‘Candydrip’ has 17 tracks on this project and the run time comes in at under an hour at 57 minutes–maximizing the project’s play time. 

This album is primarily Daye, but has a handful of features. They include Smino, Lil Durk, and Chiiild. This is not surprising because Daye’s previous album, ‘Painted’, didn’t have many features. 

Three singles were released before the debut of ‘Candydrip’: ‘Over’, ‘Candydrip’ and ‘NWA’ featuring Lil Durk, which was the most surprising feature. The most popular single was ‘Over’ and is sampled from the song ‘HalfCrazy’ by Musiq Soulchild.

‘Candydrip’ was excellent, diving into varying styles of music including face paced to transitioning to slower paced selections.  Excluding singles, standout tracks included ‘Deserve’, ‘Compassion’ and ‘Cherry Forest’.

“Cherry Forest’ is worthy of back to back plays. From the instrumental to the background vocals, it delivers a catchy and infectious tune.

‘Deserve’ was “deserving”  of its recognition due to the melodic patterns that it portrayed. There are also tracks on the album that listeners will grow to love.  ‘Guess’ is an example of those songs, proving to be an exceptional song.

‘Candydrip’ is a strong contender for album of the year in the R&B field. Daye has consistently kept up his game within the industry and hasn’t missed a single “beat”. There are some features missing from this album that would have elevated it. An appearance from Kehlani, Snoh Aalegra or Anderson Paak would have given it more diversity. However, this was a good follow up album for Daye and his future in the industry ‘dripping’ with success. 

Rating 8.5 out of 10