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Devmaccc celebrates another April 20 with his latest project


Mississippi Rapper Devmacc has released his third installment to his famed four twenty series with the latest project, ‘Four.Twenty: Sessions 3’. 

Dev’s latest addition to the ‘Four.Twenty’ sessions are catchy, impressive, emotional, and energetic, but describing the music isn’t enough to describe the artist.

 The 3 c’s that reside at the end of Maccc’s moniker, standing for cool, calm and collected are a good start for his character, but ‘Four.Twenty Sessions 3’ calls for the need for a fourth descriptor. The hard part is just picking what it would represent.

The intro to the EP,‘Mill Preppin’,’ is a celebratory opener.

 Between going viral on Tiktok for his music, landing a performance at Jackson’s largest festival, and steadily improving his catalog, Maccc has reason to be joyous. 

A fourth “c” standing for confidence would surely fit him, especially when these victories come after the passing of family and tarnishing of friendships.

But barely two minutes into the album and a new contender struck- cautious.

 ‘Comfortable’ is the project’s second song and, if anything, a warning to himself and others. 

Action-packed with three verses, Maccc expertly raps through the dangers of his environment, being complacent and the ruts of isolation. 

The cold shoulder that raised Dev into the person he is worth a three-minute song of coolness and struggles. It’s almost ironic that its following records differ so much.

‘Too Hot’ and ‘Need It’ are cocky and there’s no other way to say it. Some of the pinnacles of rap music are a bit of braggadocio bars. 

It’s a necessary pinch of spice to the genre that Dev makes sure to include. Whether it’s a lock on the streets or a never-ending love, he’s cocky in flashing the pull and influence he’s earned in both.

But between the two are ‘Closer’ ‘Creepin’ and ‘Stay Witchu’, crooning songs that appeal to Dev’s Casanova complex. He’s never shied from singing feelings and these odes to romance are no exception.

It’s only when you near the project’s end that the perfect meaning for a fourth “c” presents itself. In the project’s closing song, ‘Control’, we’re presented with bare feelings spoken over the lush pluck of guitar chords. 

Grief, fear, anger, ambition, resentment, and desire are all balled into a near four-minute song with the admittance to lacking control over his feelings echoing eerily behind each verse. 

But control isn’t the word that comes to mind to represent Maccc- it’s crowned instead.

The reason is that in the span of 23 minutes, the Jackson-native has packed a rollercoaster of emotion into a single project. 

There is no lack of quality or strive for mainstream, only a well-executed and multifaceted collection of songs that open you to the artist himself.

Devmacccs proves to the listener that he is a master of self, prose, audio, and a man deserving the titles of rapper and wordsmith. His EP “Four.Twenty: Sessions 3’ is truly his best installment yet.

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