Bush impersonator misleads Laurel church

John Morgan and Pastor Jamie Altman Courtesy Photo
John Morgan and Pastor Jamie Altman
Courtesy Photo

March 30, a very special speaker appeared at Bethlehem Community Church in Laurel.

When attendees arrived at the church on Sunday night, each of them anticipated the moment that the secret guest’s identity would be revealed. However, some confusion was caused upon his arrival. According to www.christianpost.com, the church advertised the appearance of a surprise guest, but they did not inform readers of whom he or she was, so everyone was surprised when Florida native John Morgan entered the stage acting as former president George W. Bush.

While individuals sitting near the stage during the event immediately knew that Morgan was not the former president of the United States, others who were seated farther away had a more difficult time coming to that conclusion.
“Guests were not specifically told that it was an impersonator,” said Rebecca Patrick, Jones County Junior College journalism instructor. “Although those seated on the first few rows could probably read the little sign surrounding the seal that said ‘Impersonator of the President of the United States.”

According to Patrick, Morgan told audience members of his true identity midway through his speech. Throughout his appearance, Morgan entertained everyone by telling jokes about Laura Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney, as well as making up humorous stories based on Bushs’ experiences as president.

While much of Morgan’s message entertained and humored Laurel residents, he was also there for another reason. Jamie Altman, a senior pastor at Bethlehem Community Church, said Morgan was primarily there to spread the word of God.

“I believe that the greatest news we have in the world is the good news of Jesus Christ, and whatever you can do to bring people in to listen to that is worth it,” Altman said.

Altman then continued by explaining that speculation and excitement was growing within the church community as each attendee attempted to guess who the speaker would be. He then said that because of personal connections he shares with Morgan, the church decided to invite him to speak at the service.

Despite the slight disappointment felt by some guests after finding out Morgan was not Bush, the overall reaction at the end of his speech was a positive one. Alexis Plankers, a 20-year-old Laurel resident and member of the church, said many of the guests were excited and very entertained. “The church was just moved by his appearance and his words,” Plankers said.