Reminisce in spring threads


This season leaves me feeling nostalgic but completely rejuvenated. It reminds me of the days when I was young and I would play dress up with my childhood friends. My friends and I had no cares in the world and we were comfortable in our own skin before the body image issues stepped in a few years after. It was before the dreaded days of middle school when the same friends would begin to drift away. This spring brings me back to those shining moments of free spirit, wanderlust and young oblivion.

This spring will take you on a journey through your adolescence. Go back and discover that young wonder and who you were before life began to blur away your imaginary tea parties and your treehouse sleepovers. Remember the style you envisioned as a young girl: was it funky, eclectic, prim and proper or classic? (Although we had some idea, many of us had not learned these vocabulary words in our English classes yet). The looks in this spread are a mix of hip and classic essentials that will fill your closet for years to come.

However, trends are not the main focus of this spring’s edition because trends are temporary and they do not help most of us define a true sense of style. Trends are an experiment every season, just like when you change your coffee order between fall and spring (peppermint mocha v. iced caramel latte). The latest fads are not as essential like the first pair of sleek black Christian Louboutin pumps we finally marry on college graduation day (well, that is who I will be marrying anyway).

You will fall in love with slinky kimonos, easy cropped tops, bright scallop shorts and tribal accessories. A day could be as easy as slipping on a pair of flared lace pants along with a navy printed tee. The clothes you will wear in the next few months are effortless and chic. Spring clothes are no longer a difficult decision, they are a mere afterthought. You can now view them as simple and versatile and ready-to-wear pieces that only require a colorful bandeau or a zipper enclosure. You now have the time to go ride a bike, shop at the farmer’s market or attend a cocktail party in fluent style, but without the strategic outfit planning.

So, let your personality shine through your clothes this season and take risks. Big risks. Dress only for yourself this season. Slip on your favorite vest and pair it with an unexpected blouse. Unlock your youthful imagination and find inspiration with costume jewelry, gladiator wedges (at least now you can fill out your mother’s shoes), flirty maxi dresses and floral tops. Take the time to pinpoint your inner schoolgirl and have fun with your clothes.

Peek inside this spring edition just for you and your wardrobe.