Southern Miss celebrates Earth Week

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Many are becoming educated on what can be done to keep the planet clean and evidence of the growing concern for the Earth is showing in students and staff at The University of Southern Mississippi.

According to an EcoEagle newsletter from USM’s Office of Sustainability, Southern Miss will be hosting Earth Week, an event that is set to begin on April 21 and end on April 25. Earth Week is the result of a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and other on-campus groups involved in educating others on recycling.

The week is comprised of various events designed to encourage participants to not only recycle more often, but also to use less fuel and live a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Events throughout the week will include “Meatless Monday,” when men and women will go to the local farmer’s market to purchase fruits and vegetables, “’Transit Tuesday,” when participants will walk and ride bikes rather than using a lot of gas, “Waste-less Wednesday,” when participants will go to the Earth Fair and watch an alternative car show.

Other events of the week include “Thirsty Thursday,” during which everyone will learn about sustainable jobs at the Career Service Seminar, and “Field Trip Friday,” an event that includes a kayak trip, or a journey to Advanced Disposal’s recycling plant in Sumrall, and will end with a showing of the Pixar film “WALL-E.”

“Transit Tuesday” will also be celebrated as Earth Day. According to a press release, Southern Miss will celebrate the day by holding a ceremony with the Tree Campus USA Program, a branch of the Arbor Day Foundation. According to the program’s website,, the program assists colleges and universities across the country in building and keeping community forests.

For more information and a full, detailed list of this week’s events, visit the Office of Sustainability website,