Boston Marathon: One year after the bombings

As runners and fans make their way through Boston this morning, they remember the horrific events that occurred over a year ago on the same streets.

The continuation of the Boston marathon shows that the city is not ready to give up, even though they are still recovering.

“Everybody wants to get back out there and show the world that we’re still running,” said Spencer Aston, who works at Marathon Sports, on Boylston Street, where the first bomb blew out the windows.

To these runners, this isn’t just any other marathon. It is one of the most important races they will run in their entire life, because it shows a comeback of a city like that of New York after 9/11.

Spectators in yellow and blue “Boston Strong” shirts gathered around the finish line to support everyone in this race. The sunny skies skies welcomed the almost 36,000 runners who intended to brave the grueling 26.2 miles from Hopkinton, Mass., to downtown Boston.

For nearly a week, the city has been the scene of memorials and tributes designed to commemorate the horror of last year’s bombings, remember the dead, praise first responders and seek emotional renewal.

Even this all of the strength and courage being shown by the citizens of Boston, law enforcement is still taking precautions to make sure last year’s incidents do not repeat themselves. Many more police officers are stationed along the course of the race this year than in previous years. Fans have been asked not to carry backpacks because the bombs last year were held in them. More security cameras have been installed along the route.

Even though the tragedy that stuck Boston should never be forgotten, its citizens are proving that it can rise above any adversity and come out stronger.,0,6259193.story#axzz2zXLuhu6O