Alphas kick off ‘Alpha Week’


The University of Southern Mississippi’s Mu Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity celebrates a 40-year history of goodwill and community engagement at Southern Miss during this year’s “Alpha Week,” March 27 through April 2.

During the event, Alpha Phi Alpha raises money for scholarships, university funding and philanthropic efforts.

“It is a great way to highlight men in our community with outstanding strides in citizenship as well as interacting more with the student body,” said John Johnson, a USM senior and Alpha Phi Alpha member.

USM junior Jaylen Hackett, also an Alpha Phi Alpha member, said he expects the weeklong event to be well received.

“For the student body to see our continued effort and impact on campus, I do expect to see a great representation within the educational programs and as well as the numerous social events,” Hackett said.

The fraternity has planned several events throughout the week and invites students and Hattiesburg residents to join in on the activities.

Kicking off the Alpha Week, participants met for lunch at Cotton Blues following a prayer service at Venture Church on Sunday.

On Monday, Union Plaza will host a social music and entertainment event for students at 5:15 p.m., followed by a profit share with Glory Bound.

On Tuesday, directly following a yard show at the Fountain around noon, Alpha Phi Alpha will host a pie-facing event during which members of the chapter will be hit with pies to benefit the fraternity’s philanthropy interests. All proceeds from the pie-facing event will go to the March of Dimes organization.

“This week allows us to host significant programs that will impact the campus community as well as raise awareness among pressing issues,” Johnson said.

Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m., the fraternity will host the Cannon-Dozier Project, an initiative addressing the issue students of driving under the influence.

Johnson said he looks forward to this event the most.

“Driving under the influence has claimed so many innocent lives, and we have the chance to help stop that,” he said.

The group will award community men with the Kennard-Washington Men of Distinction Award on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Thursday’s activities include a humorous showcase of women imitating the Alpha’s dance moves at the Payne Center beginning at 6 p.m.

The fraternity will wrap up the week with a meet and greet on Friday at 6 p.m. to celebrate the anniversary of the construction of the C.E. Roy Community Center, where numerous alumni will return to fellowship.

Kappa Sigma member David Moon said he and his fraternity brothers plan to attend as many events as possible during the week in order to support both Alpha Phi Alpha and its philanthropic efforts.

“Our main idea for every Greek organization is to give back to the community and what we do is be very supportive through our philanthropic events,” he said.

Hackett encourages the USM community to attend the events and meet the fraternity.

“Alpha Week 2016 will be a great opportunity for students to come together, educationally and socially,” Hackett said.

For more information on Alpha Week, contact the Fraternity President Lorenzo Spencer at [email protected]