Kids and comics go hand in hand

Southern Fried Comics is holding a fundraiser for the Hattiesburg Children’s Shelter this Saturday.

The date corresponds with Free Comic Book Day, a nationwide event in which comic book stores give out free sample comics to customers. With a donation of one dollar, patrons will receive 10 percent off all items in the store except original artwork. With a $5 donation or more, they will have a chance to win a copy of all 52 comics offered.

Southern Fried Comics is giving out comics on a first come, first serve system, so this gives a second chance to get the more popular books such as The Walking Dead, Dragon Ball, Star Wars and Batman.

“Free Comic Book Day and charity go well together,” said store owner Barry Herring. “Here’s some free comics, donate a dollar.”

This is the third year SFC participated in some type of charity during Free Comic Book day. The first year they donated to the Red Cross to aid relief after a bad string of hurricanes that occurred the week before. After that they began donating to the children’s shelter.

“It just kind of works out great,” said Herring. “Kids and comic books go hand in hand.”

Last year SFC was able to collect $600. They set their goal higher this year, however, setting a goal of at least $1,000.

“There are lots of fun things going on for this big annual event,” said Herring’s wife and University of Southern Mississippi professor Jamye Foster. “But our main focus is on the charity.”

SFC will also be holding several more activities, such as a superhero theme photo booth in conjunction with Toast & Tea Photography, a kids costume contest. They also have plans of hosting the Rancor Raiders, a local Star Wars cosplay group.

The kids costume contest is also connected to prizes. The most popular costume will win $20 in lego gift cards as well as two lego sticker books, one Star Wars and one DC comics themed.

The festivities start at 10 a.m. and will go on until 5 p.m. For more information, visit or visit their store located downtown on Front street next to Click Boutique. For a full list of comics, visit