iPhone 11 Pro: To buy or not to buy


Everyone is talking about Apple’s latest release: the iPhone 11 Pro. What makes it so special you may ask? The short answer is not much besides a third camera. The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated.

So should you buy the new iPhone 11 Pro? Unless you have money to burn, there are likely plenty of options that will fit your needs just as well and are easier on your wallet. There are a few impressive new features, but especially as a college student on a budget, it is important to keep from overpaying for features that are unnecessary or overpriced.

There is no denying that the iPhone 11 Pro is a visually appealing piece of technology. From the matte glass back to the improved display, the iPhone 11 Pro looks great. These upgrades are merely cosmetic, however.

Tentative buyers of the new iPhone may want to know whether it is a legitimate upgrade or just another upsell. In regards to the iPhone 11 Pro, this is a hard question.

To put things into perspective, the iPhone XR is now only $599 while the iPhone 11 Pro will cost you a whopping $999. So what are you paying $400 more for? The iPhone 11 Pro has a processor that is a little faster and stronger glass for starters. The iPhone 11 Pro also features a longer battery life and exciting new colors.

The main selling point of the new iPhone is obviously the camera. The iPhone 11 Pro features night mode and a third lens. With the third lens, it is now possible to take regular, wide, zoom and ultra-wide shots. This may seem impressive, but despite being able to use all three lenses to take a still photo, images can only be kept from a single lens.

Some people are not aware, but Samsung already sells a phone with four lenses: the Galaxy S10 5G. This is not to say that the Samsung phone is better than the new iPhone, but it is something to consider. In short, the three lensed-camera is nothing particularly new and cutting edge when it comes to today’s cell phones.

The iPhone 11 Pro is no doubt a solid phone. That being said, when making purchase decisions like these you have to understand that expensive does not always equal better.

Choosing what cell phone to buy is a personal choice. It is hard to say what the best option is because it could be different for different people. The bottom line, however, is that the new features of the iPhone 11 Pro are simply not worth the extra money for anyone on a budget. The iPhone XR is a great, cheaper choice for Apple-lovers, and there are many phones from Samsung and other brands that have cutting-edge features for a fraction of the cost of the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Today’s consumer culture pressures people into buying the latest and greatest of everything. From the newest laptop to the newest car, many people are striving to reach that thing that is just ever so slightly better than what they already have. As important as it is to have goals, it is equally important to be a smart consumer and get the best value for your hard-earned money.