Yot Club docks at Nick’s Ice House


Rising artist Yot Club, with 1.2 million streams, performed at Nick’s Ice House Feb. 8. Photo by Earl Stuoudemire.

With over one million streams, rising local artist Yot Club performed at Nick’s Ice House Feb. 8. His performance was a perfect fit for Nick’s Ice House, bringing in a large crowd to enjoy the bar with charm, personality and enjoyment for all those in attendance.

This event was produced by Six Oh One Entertainment group in the School of Communication under the leadership of two junior media entertainment art majors, Anna Richardson and Lanie Leach, with advisement from Jon Pluskota, Ph.D. Six Oh One Entertainment has already held events such as an open mic night previously held in Cook Library’s Starbucks every Monday and the creation of Dead Week Beats.

“It was November and there was less than a month of class and we came up with the idea of Dead Week Beats,” Leach said. “We had a show during dead week, so we had two weeks to plan the event, find enough artists, find a way to pay them, promote it, make posters, but we pulled it off. Afterward, Dr. Pluskota wanted us to keep it going by suggesting we do a smaller show.”

The artist performing under the name Yot Club is Ryan Kaiser, a senior media entertainment arts major at Southern Miss. 

“I wanted to play guitar at 8. I wasn’t that good at playing sports, so that turned out to come really easy for me,” Kaiser said. “Then my family had a piano in our house, so I was able to teach myself piano just from what I knew from guitar then it just spread from there, being 12 playing guitar, drums, piano and started songwriting.”

With the name Yot Club coming from an inside joke of a close friend who didn’t know how to spell yacht, Kaiser has chosen to stick by the name. He said that many of his listeners define his music as lo-fi rock or bedroom pop, but he said that his music can’t be labeled with his current creative process.

“I was never aiming to have the music sound a certain type of way, I just have a low amount of gear, like I’m not working with a studio, so it sounds the way it does,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser already has three EPs released from last year and is planning to have physical copies sold soon with upcoming performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and Pomona College outside Los Angeles. 

There was no cover to attend this event and all proceeds went to Kaiser and Six Oh One Entertainment to help create future projects, like building a panel of Buku representatives. The panel would be for students interested in the entertainment industry. Another future project would be moving the Open Mic Nights previously held at Cook’s Library Starbucks to Glorybound Co. 

Six Oh One Entertainment plans to continue updating their social media for future, local entertainment events.