Students prep for spring break 2014

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Spring break is a time of food, friends and fun times. While the break is warmly welcomed by students as a way to recharge for the second half of the semester, planning trips to make spring break memorable can be difficult, time-consuming and costly.

With the right planning, however, even the simplest of trips can turn into a lifetime of wonderful memories.

The most difficult part of planning any trip is deciding where to go and what to do. Many students already have plans, such as Adrian Williams, who said she will be going to New Orleans for the first time.

Others have simpler plans for the break. “This year, I’m just going to spend my time on the coast soaking up the sun and exploring back rivers in my kayak,” Grace Fuller said. “I also am going to plant my annual sunflower garden. Basically, I’m just going to enjoy the coast and no class.”

For those that do not have plans there are plenty of options available. Those that enjoy the traditional spring break scene might enjoy traveling to Destin, Fla. Those wanting to stay local may want to try canoeing at Okatoma Creek just north of Hattiesburg or visiting Paul B. Johnson State Park just south of Hattiesburg.

For those that want to give back to society, Fox Business suggests taking a volunteer trip or volunteering at places in need of assistance within the city. No matter the route one chooses it is always important to consider cost factors.

As college students with loans, rent and various other bills to pay, cost is an important factor in any trip. Between transportation, housing, food, drinks and extraneous activities, the cost of spring break can quickly add up.
There are several ways to cut down the cost without cutting out the fun. First of all, always remember to keep your student ID nearby, as many places give student discounts. For trips out of state, carpooling is an effective money-saving technique, as it keeps the cost of transportation to a minimum.

Asking everyone in the group to pay for a portion of the gas is another way to keep the cost low and the expenses fair. Fox Business also suggests thinking locally, rather than planning extravagant trips out of the country, as well as buying a few nights of groceries to offset the cost of eating out.

According to, other ways to save money include staying in hostels rather than hotels, using student travel sites such as STA Travel or Student Universe and renting a bike instead of taking taxis or using a personal vehicle.

Spring break is a welcome break from the stress of college life for many students, but if not handled properly it can cause undue emotional and financial stress. However, if spring breakers follow these simple guidelines and always remember that having a safe, fun time is the ultimate goal despite how it is accomplished, one can be assured that one will have a successful break.