Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

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All right ladies and gentlemen, grab your sunblock, towels and a margarita. Spring break is finally upon us. If any of you are like me, you are already counting down the hours until you are sprawled out on the beach, drink in hand and with all of your friends by your side.

Spring break is all about letting loose and forgetting about all of the worries you have being a college student. But, as with any vacation, there are some things that you do and some things you don’t do. I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for you, my fellow classmates, to follow as you celebrate the end to midterms and the beginning of the best season of the year.
Do: Wear protection. Out on the beach and in the beach house.
Don’t: Come unprepared for all this week has to offer.

Do: Girls, bring many bikini options with you.
Don’t: Bring just one bikini. If you end up tossing your top off of the balcony, you are basically screwed for the rest of the week.

Do: Branch out from Southern Miss and meet some new people from other universities.
Don’t: Go off with these people alone. Stranger danger is the real deal.

Do: Take some blackmail pictures of your friends. Nothing is better than capturing the best moments, and the tragic moments, on camera. Like when your friend’s face is glued to the toilet at noon and your other friend is caught making out with a senior in high school.
Don’t: Put these pictures on social media. That’s just not nice.

Do: Have a local taxi on speed dial because let’s be real, who wants to be the DD during spring break?
Don’t: Drink and drive. At all.

Do: Be the best wingwoman or wingman ever. Spring break is the perfect time for all the single people out there to mix and mingle with a whole new crowd of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. So, help your friends out.
Don’t: Cheat on your significant other. They will find out one way or another.

Do: Get crazy and do something you have never done before. Get a tattoo or go skydiving.
Don’t: Lose your dignity. Or at least try your best not to.

Do: Bring a good amount of cash. You never know if your whole condo is going to have to pitch in to bail the crazy friend out of jail.
Don’t: Max out your credit card. Number one, it’s not going to make mommy and daddy happy. Number two, spring break is not worth taking out a loan.

Do: Pack your favorite sunglasses. They can help you block out the sun, unwanted sights and of course, the haters.
Don’t: Let beer goggles lead you astray.

Do: If you are under 21 and insist on drinking, put it in a cup. Spring break is a cop’s fairground. You don’t want to be the friend walking away from Day one with a Minor in Possession (MIP) in hand.
Don’t: Be stupid. Be smart if you plan to drink and you will have a much better time! And you will be less likely to wake up in the sand alone at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Do: Go swimming.
Don’t: Drown.

Do: Order the 30-day free trail for Spotify premium. You are going to want a roadtrip playlist, a pregame playlist, a beach playlist and a hangover playlist on hand at all times.
Don’t: Sit on the beach with your headphones in the whole time. Is the sexy lifeguard going to approach you when you can’t hear them catcalling at you? No.

Do: Have some friends over and throw a party.
Don’t: Get evicted the first night of spring break.

Do: Share sunblock and towels.
Don’t: Share hookups. Or do, it’s spring break after all.

And last, but not least….
Do: Have the time of your life. You only get four collegiate spring breaks; only four weeks out of four years to live without one care in the world.
Don’t: Let the small things bother you. Yeah, you are going to get annoyed with the crowds and cramming 20 people in an eight-person condo will give you a headache at some points during the week, but those little worries are nothing compared to the fun you are sure to have.

Spring break is my favorite week of the year for many reasons. It’s fun in the sun and sand with your best friends and the friends you will make as the week goes on. So, students of Southern Miss, get out there and make some memories you won’t remember with some people you might never see again. You’re only young once, right?