UPD arrests 2 people for terrorizing Harkins Hall


L to R: Kendrick Thomas and Kyron Norwood. | Courtesy of Forrest County Sheriff’s Office

Two people were arrested after terrorizing a classroom in Harkins Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 18th.  

Kendrick Thomas and Kyron Norwood, both 23-years-old, entered a kinesiology class in Harkins Hall, adorned in black hoodies and skull makeup, and made threatening remarks and terroristic threats. In a video recorded by a student from the classroom, one of the assailants was filming the ordeal while the other threatened the classroom and threw water on a student.  

“The suspects are believed to be part of a social media video prank, and entered a Harkins Hall classroom at approximately 4:15 pm. One of the apprehended individuals wore all black with Halloween makeup, threw a cup of water on a student and made threatening remarks, while the second individual filmed the encounter.” USM’s mail-out stated in an email.  

The suspects fled the scene immediately, but one suspect was quickly apprehended by University Police. The second suspect turned himself in a short while later. They have been charged with Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct, and Making Terroristic Threats. The pair were charged and placed into Forrest County Adult Detention Center with bonds set at $800.  

“We’re just not going to tolerate this type of behavior. Students have a right to go to school feeling safe and secure.” University Police Chief Rusty Keyes said.  

While the suspects are not currently affiliated with USM and no ongoing threat has been posed, the incident has opened up a discussion of campus safety within the student body. Some students feel as though they were not prepared for such an event, and did not even know such an event had taken place.  

“Sometimes I feel safe, sometimes I don’t. I really feel like they should have more security around here because if somebody can break in that easily, what’s to say that they couldn’t do so again but with more harmful intentions this time?” USM student Calvin Thompson said.  

After this event, the student body is left wondering if the campus security will take different measures to improve the safety of those on campus.