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2014 CPC Recruitment: The beginner’s guide

Susan Broadbridge
The Village gates that encloses the seven sorority houses remains closed until hundreds of girls run to their new homes on Girl’s Bid Day, September 9th. |Photo by Susan Broadbridge
The Village gates that encloses the seven sorority houses remains closed until hundreds of girls run to their new homes on Girl's Bid Day, September 9th. | Photo by Susan Broadbridge
The Village gates that encloses the seven sorority houses remains closed until hundreds of women run to their new homes on Bid Day, Sept. 9. | Photo by Susan Broadbridge

Going Greek is not about designer brands or attractive fraternity men, but rather finding sisters who will love you through the struggles of college life and your life beyond these four years.

As cliché as it sounds, it is truly about finding your home. Instead of worrying about if your dress is the right color or style, ask yourself this: which chapter shares your core beliefs? During College Panhellenic Council (CPC) recruitment week, (Sept. 1-9), the days can get long and hectic for sorority girls and Potential New Members (PNMs).

Here are a few tips to help you relax and have a great experience during recruitment:

 Sept. 1: Meet the Greeks As you spend your Labor Day meeting women from the seven CPC chapters and having small talk,  wear your networking cap. As you travel from house to house, you are meeting women who might be your study partner or maybe interview you for a position in Student Government.

Get to know these ladies by asking them questions and let them get to know you by showing how awesome and unique you are.

Sept. 3: Movie Night calls for comfortable clothes and getting to know your future Greek sisters. This is your night to laugh and let any stress you may be feeling roll off as you experience what could almost be called a Greek sisterhood event.

Sept. 4: Values night is one of the most important of the week. This is the night when clothes and exterior appearances are overlooked, and you focus inward on what you personally want to get out of recruitment.  Assistant Director of Greek Life Megan Wilkinson said this night exemplifies that USM CPC sorority recruitment is value-based.

Sept. 4 & 5: Philanthropy night is when you get to see how each chapter gives back to the community. For this night, wear your passions on your sleeve. What charitable organizations mean a lot to you and how have they affected your life? Also, stay true to yourself in this whole process. Do not fake a love for something that you have no interest in. You get to discover each chapter’s foundation and the philanthropy events they put on every year.

Sept. 7: On Sisterhood Day, each chapter shows its spunky side. Bring your individuality on this night and ask yourself where you would fit in. Would you be working the lights and sound, dancing on the sidelines or singing to new girls? This night is a blast, but it also shows how Greek students have to juggle being a full-time student and handling extracurricular activities. Expressing your uniqueness is important during sisterhood parties, but you should also demonstrate that academics is a priority.

Sept. 8: On preference night, you should wear a crown of honesty. Lizzie Rhett, a USM Gamma Rho Chi, describes this night as when the chapter makes themselves vulnerable. This is the night where you and the chapter have narrowed down your choices. How you feel after the last preference party influences where you will run home to the next day. This is why honesty is so important. Each girl who talks to you during preference parties will open her heart to you and let you see how much her sisters mean in her life. Show her the same level of respect. If you show up to a house that you could not call home, be respectful, but let them know that your heart is elsewhere.


“It is an incredible feeling running to your house,” said Jeanette De Veer, a USM Gamma Rho Chi. Bid day is what you have been waiting for. On this day, you will wear your new letters and become part of something that is bigger than you, even if those letters are not the ones you desired at the beginning of the week or after the last preference party.

“No matter what happens, go to your bid day party,” De Veer said.

Wherever you find your home, you will get out of it just as much as you put in. Get to know your sisters, not only your pledge class, but also the older girls. Signing up for the intramural teams, eating lunch with a sister and going to the non-mandatory events will help you get acclimated with Greek life.

In the weeks that follow recruitment, Rhett said, “Don’t drop friends (you) made through recruitment. Even if they go to different chapters keep up with them.” If your best friend throughout recruitment does not share your letters, you still share the same values and beliefs.

Therefore, the key to finding your home is to choose a chapter with women who will enhance your personality, values and talents.

“Throughout recruitment, the one thing you absolutely do not want to walk out the door without is yourself,” said Elena Lofton, CPC president.

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