Homecoming Election Results-Primaries

The first round of Homecoming elections occurred on Oct. 7. If a candidate did not receive more than 50 percent of the vote for any category, the two candidates with the most votes will run again on Oct. 9.

For Freshman Maid, the candidates were Joneicia Collier, Madison Tynes, LaKeria Tubbs, Doressa Williams and Gabriele Williams. Collier recieved 17.91 percent of the vote, Tynes 43.58 percent, Tubbs 7.05 precent, D. Williams 15.09 percent and G. Williams 16.36 percent. Collier and Tynes will go to runoffs.

For Sophomore Maid, the candidates were Emily Hope and Annie Johnson. Hope received 58.91 percent of the vote. Johnson received 41.09 percent. Hope is the 2014 Sophomore Maid.

For Junior Maid, the candidates were Alexandria Champion, Kapriatta Jenkins, Sarah Beth Selph and Eboni Thompson. Champion received 18.03 percent of the vote, Jenkins 12.79 percent, Selph 43.61 percent and Thompson 25.58 percent. Selph and Thompson will go to runoffs.

For Senior Maid, the candidates were Erin McLeod and Raven Winding. McLeod received 57.34 percent. Winding received 42.66 percent. McLeod is the 2014 Senior Made.

For Graduate Maid, the candidates were Katie Donahoe, Rachel Holman, Ashley Frost and Katherine Miller. Donahoe received 9.09 percent of the vote, Holman 45.45 percent, Frost 11.36 percent, and Miller 34.09 percent. Holman and Miller will go to runoffs.

For Miss Southern Miss, the candidates were Shanice Hicks Floore, Moriah Moorer, Shonice Musgrove and Jaycee Padgett. Floore received 10.23 percent of the vote, Moorer 24.43 percent, Musgrove 27.03 percent and Padgett. 38.32 percent. Musgrove and Padgett will go to runoffs.

For Mr. Southern Miss, the candidates were Bradley Floore, Daniel Paul, Ezra Jones, Gavin Snyder, Thurston Robertsion and Wilton Jackson. Floore recieved 4.95 percent of the vote, Paul 20.69 percent, Jones 10.15 percent, Snyder 17.81 percent, Robertson 18.84 percent and Jackson 27.57 percent. Jackson and Paul will go to runoffs.

For Homecoming Queen, the candidates were Shequeena Brown, Kierra Garner, Jamie Jackson and Catherine Taylor. Brown receieved 22.96 percent, Garner 27.02, Jackson 40.75 percent and Taylor 9.27 percent. Garner and Jackson will go to runoffs.