Five most common fabric care symbols

Care tips:
-Synethic fibers like polyester and nylon are better quality and can endure recurring laundering, according to WomensDay.
-Woolite said to turn clothes inside out to protect the fibers against damage during their wash.
-Washing clothes at low temperatures is an effiecent way to conserve energy and water, according to Woolite.

Limit drying if possible:

Avoid drying every peice of clothing. WomensDay said the tumbling motion of the dryer causes friction between clothing. And sometimes this causes unfortunate pilling.

-Try hanging garments on a drying rack or use a shower rod or bathroom hooks.

-If you do decide to dry items, use the gentle setting and set the timer for 30 minutes. Check clothes periodically. 

Wash the correct way: 

-Warm setting: every day clothes (T-shirts, khakis, sweatshirts)

-Cold setting: delicates (lingerie, lace, sheer fabrics) and jeans

-Hot setting: cotton underwear, undershirts, towels and workout clothe

NOTE: Before washing, make sure to close zippers and button buttons so they do not snag on other clothing. For delicate clothing, turn them inside out and place in a delicate laundry bag. 

Make sure to read the fine print: 

-Care instructions for certain materials are really important to washing one’s clothes correctly and making them last for years to come.

 -A tip from WomensDay: if a garment reads “dry-clean recommend” or “dry-clean,” one can handwash the garment without ruining it. But, if the label reads “dry-clean only,” it must be taken to the dry cleaners.