No-Shave November, let the growing season begin!

Michael Kavitz/Printz
Michael Kavitz/Printz

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about getting ready for Thanksgiving or those dreaded final exams. I’m talking about people getting their faces ready for No-Shave November.

Originally started as a charity event, No-Shave November is where men and some women, challenge themselves not to shave for the entire month of November. This started as a pledge system, where a person promised to donate money based on how many days they could avoid using a razor. The money collected is donated to various charities.

While some people still try to raise money through No-Shave November, it has transformed into who can grow the most facial hair in a month. For the men involved, it has almost become a test of masculinity. If your beard doesn’t come in quite right or if you give up before the end of the month, that somehow makes you less masculine. After all, there are some men out there who go more than a month without shaving, so why can’t you?
If it helps any men out there, the women probably won’t mind. Some women like hairier men, but I don’t know too many women willing to make out with a carpet.

So, what are women supposed to do if their men want to take on this challenge? Do we just sit by and endure the stubble burn on our faces? Do we try not to pick the food out of their beards?

Well I guess the only thing we can do is support them. For whatever reason they decide to participate, it’s a challenge. Anyone taking on a challenge needs support, so try not to get on your man’s case too much about how he’s starting to resemble a mountain man. Even if you totally hate facial hair, think about the fact that it’s only for a month. He’ll be back to his clean-shaven face for the remainder of the year.

Some women might even be willing to take on the challenge themselves.When you take into account how ridiculous Mississippi weather is, it’s probably more of a challenge for the women than the men. More power to any woman willing to participate in this, but it’s her decision if she vows to have hairy legs for a month.

So while students gets used to seeing a much hairier campus, remember not to judge. That person might be doing it for a good cause. They also may be trying to challenge themselves. Then again, there is always the possibility that the person is just too lazy to shave. Either way, let No-Shave November begin!