Hub City Humane Society holds Brews for Rescues


Blair Ballou

Hub City Humane Society hosted Brews for Rescues adoption event at Hub City Beers on Saturday, March 23. Dozens of people came out to support the organization that helps find forever homes for numerous animals in the Pine Belt.

Tia Moreno, an animal advocate with Hub City Humane Society, said there are multiple goals when hosting an adoption event such as this one.

“Our biggest goal for the day is to find every puppy here a home,” Moreno said. “We’re also doing outreach to the community and just trying to talk to the community to let them know what we do and let them know that we’re here and we need help.”

Moreno said the Hub City Humane Society is always in need of volunteers.

“We are in need of volunteers, and that could be anything from people who can help clean to people to help with walking dogs,” Moreno said. “Fostering is a big thing right now as we’re getting a lot of puppies in, a lot of pregnant moms.”

Moreno said the society has worked with Hub City Beers with a few other events in the past.“They are awesome hosts, and they let us have run of the place when we’re here. We’ve done puppy yoga here before, which was a really successful event,” Moreno said. “ Then we’ve done another outdoor event here before, but this is the first event we’ve done here with live music, so it’s kind of a learn as we go process. Hopefully, we can improve and make it bigger and better.”

Alexander and Adriana Ignatiev, owners of Hub City Beers, said they enjoy having events like these at their store.

“We love the Hub City Humane Society,” Alexander said. “We’ve had a long and fruitful partnership with them. Tia Moreno does a great job working with us and on behalf of them, and we’re happy to have them join us.”

Alexander said they have around three or four events in a given years and are always happy to work with nonprofits in the community.

“There are tons of puppies out there. They’re all super adorable. If your heart doesn’t melt, then I don’t want to know you,” Adriana said.

Part-time employee and full-time beer enthusiast Michael Samel said Hub City Beers has been collecting donations for the Humane Society leading up to the event.

“We’re taking donations to help out the humane society, and that includes food, towels, sheets, blankets, dog toys, leashes, carriers and kennels,” Samel said. “It’s all the type of stuff that keeps these pups happy and healthy and stuff that we can help their future owners to have an easy transition bringing these pups into their new home.”

For more information about Hub City Humane Society and how you can be a foster or adopt an animal, check out their Facebook page or website at