‘Sucker Punch’ is Sigrid’s electrifying debut


Photo courtesy of Clash Magazine

Sigrid’s “Sucker Punch” is a fun, eclectic record with a handful of electropop gems that will remain stuck in your head for weeks to come.

“Sucker Punch” is Norwegian pop singer Sigrid’s first full-length studio album released on March 8th, 2019. After two EPs and gaining the attention of winning BBC’s Sound of 2018, Sigrid has been on the upward climb as a must-watch singer/songwriter. Sigrid reveals on “Sucker Punch” that she does best at making hopelessly romantic anthems crafted with the purpose of living and dancing in the moment.

“Sucker Punch,” is a killer, electrifying pop track that sets the tone for the album and gives a nice introduction to Sigrid. The album’s title track is sweet, short and perfect for this album of young love. Sigrid has incredibly interesting, one-of-a-kind vocals that shine brightest on tracks like “Sucker Punch.”

“Mine Right Now” is a cute synth-pop track with an 80s vibe that comes after the title track. This track about appreciating someone’s fleeing presence is fun and lighthearted with relatable lyrics. Despite that, the song is a bit of an energy killer following the more fresh-sounding “Sucker Punch.”

Sigrid’s “Basic” is definitely not as basic as she says she wants to be. The pre-chorus and chorus of this song are such strong, powerful dance-pop moments that bring life to the album. This feeling is maintained on the equally exciting, fresh “Strangers.” Sigrid proves back-to-back on “Basic” and “Strangers” the depth of her vision and her ability to craft fun, fresh pop music.

“Don’t Feel Like Crying” is by far the best song on the album and probably one of the best songs this year. “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is such a strong, powerful pop song about realizing that the boy those tears are falling for is not worth it. This is a track that celebrates moving on, independence and having a good time. Songs like Sigrid’s “Don’t Feel Like Crying” are needed more in pop music.

Songs like “Level Up” and “Sight of You” are uplifting, cute tracks about romance that fit with Sigrid’s vocals and maturity. “Sight of You” specifically is a strong song that sounds incredibly open and honest as Sigrid sings about giving the best side of herself to her significant other. This compares to the soft and sweet “Level Up” where Sigrid sings about the overcoming of struggle while with a partner.

There are certain songs like “In Vain” where Sigrid’s voice just does not sound great. The production of the song and lyrics are great, but the vocals are so grating that it takes away from every good aspect. “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is kind of similar as there are not a lot of enjoyable vocal moments on the song.

“Business Dinners” is a sticky, bubblegum electropop track that is fresh, exciting and cluttered in every right way. The production goes everywhere the listener does not expect. This excitement is slightly brought down when the less ambitious “Never Mine” kicks in. While “Never Mine” is still a good pop song, it definitely is not as wild and ambitious as “Business Dinners.”

Sigrid might be good at making hardcore pop bops, but ballads are definitely not her thing. This is most evident on the closing track “Dynamite.” This track is so boring that listening to it is a chore.

Sigrid’s “Sucker Punch” is an overall pretty solid record. The album has a collection of really great pop songs like “Sucker Punch,” “Don’t Feel Like Crying” and “Basic.” There is still room to grow, but Sigrid’s “Sucker Punch” is a really good pop album that deserves all the attention and praise.