Five essential songs to get in the football spirit


Graphic by Brian Winters

The first game of the 2019 Southern Miss football schedule is Saturday, Aug. 31, which means before anyone knows it, the tailgate tents will start popping up and people will begin to flock to the Rock to watch the Golden Eagles take on Alcorn State.

A tradition and important factor of all sports events is the music.  When the stadium speakers start blaring out tunes, that is the audience’s cue to get motivated, stand up and sing along to the song as a way of supporting their favorite team. The songs below are five essential songs worth having on every football playlist.

“Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones

Pregame songs are key to building up anticipation throughout the stadium, and this classic song by The Rolling Stones does the trick.  When the guitar riff kicks in, that is the cue to get people started up for the eventual kick-off. It is simple, rhythmic and easy to follow.  “Start Me Up” might be the band’s most well-known song, much of which has to do with its usage at sports events.

“Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones

This is one of the most quintessential punk anthems, one that has been used in countless films, video games and football stadiums around the country.  It is fast and energetic, and when the opening chorus goes “Aye, oh, let’s go” that is the cue for the games to truly begin.

“We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” by Queen

The arena songs to end all arena songs, this pairing is guaranteed to ensure those in the stands will go into maximum overdrive when these tunes start playing.  It has all the required ingredients of a perfect arena song. From the “stomp, stomp, clap” to the gridiron lyrics in “We Will Rock You,” this song has an empowering effect on any audience. What is even better is when the home team wins, which is the perfect time to bust out the second song in this pairing, “We Are the Champions.”  It is the ultimate song of victory, one which says this team played tooth and nail to beat their opponents.

“Power” by Kanye West

This is a pumping and powerful song that encourages fans and members of all teams.  “Power” encourages teammates to persist and never give up, even when the odds seem stacked.

“Song 2” by Blur

Some music inspires and some music is about having fun.  Blur’s “Song 2” is the latter. It gets crowds in the stands jumping and shouting  along “Woohoo!”

These five songs are just a small slice of popular tunes to play en route to the sports arena.  There are plenty of other choices, including “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor or “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, but the few discussed above are the absolute essentials. When people are sitting in the bleachers, pull out the Bluetooth speaker and blare out these jams.  That will most definitely get the crowd riled up and ready for football.