‘Downton Abbey’ wraps series in lovely bow


Graphic by Kathleen Hetherington.

It has been four years since we have seen the Crawley family, and we owe this final visit to none other than the Royal Family. Unlike most reboots, this final chapter focuses more on reassembling the vast cast of characters we love, even down to those we thought we would not see again. 

There is a reason why the show has a cult-like following. “Downton Abbey,” like many other shows, has done an excellent job of making you feel like you’re an integral part of the Crawley family, which is a huge part of the show’s overall success.  

“Downton Abbey” is full of beautifully shot scenes and wardrobe pieces that place viewers a few years after season six’s finale. The staff and family are preparing to receive the King and Queen, an event that will prove to be stressful for everyone in the household. 

Seeing the house and characters after such a long time offers a sense of bittersweet nostalgia: you are pleased to see your beloved characters again, but you know that this is it once it ends.

Through quarrels, deaths and hardships, fans of the show have stuck by the Crawley family’s side and for a few fleeting moments, we were allowed to relish in the past with some favorite characters. 

Another thing the movie does an excellent job of, past capturing the aesthetic and beauty of the time period, is capturing and replicating the essence of the characters. Violet and Isobel are just as spunky as they were when the series concluded: Daisy still as naïve, Mary still as headstrong, Tom still as outspoken.  

The consistency of storylines and characters is to be admired, especially after years of filming with one another. The chemistry of the characters and whimsy of the show is still there, which is what makes the movie a perfect gift for fans of the series years after its ending. 

While the movie is an excellent gift for fans of the show, it also functions as a warm invitation to new viewers. The film itself is extremely easy to follow, regardless of whether audiences have seen the six seasons of the show prior to buying their tickets.  

For those who have missed the Crawley’s and yearn to see their favorite characters again, this movie does the job. For those looking to see what the hype is about, this movie does the job. And for those wishing to disappear into another time period for a bit, this movie does that – and more. 

Overall, the movie is beautifully done without seeming too over-the-top or unnecessary, something that other franchises have struggled with. When you have such a cult following for a TV or book series, the pressure of creating a movie that emulates the same feelings and loyalty that its predecessor does is challenging – but it is definitely not something that the writers of “Downton Abbey” are struggling with. 

For two hours, the writers of “Downton Abbey” invite viewers to get closure on the characters the viewers have loved for six seasons. Overall, the movie wraps the story of the Crawley family up with a lovely bow, serving as an excellent conclusion to the story of the British family we all fell in love with.