My first experience at Comic Con

Many people dream about meeting their favorite celebrities. Unfortunately those chances come few and far between for most people. However, I am one of the lucky individuals that received
that chance.

A few days prior to the beginning of this year’s Comic Con in New Orleans, I was invited to go on the trip by Kelly Atwood, the public information director at Jones County Junior College. I immediately began planning my schedule around the trip and wondering what famous, well-known celebrities I might meet. Also, before the event, I planned out what I wanted to ask them.

Through the days leading up to Comic Con, the anticipation was building tremendously. However, one concern that I had was money. I had no idea what prices would be like. Many friends and family had informed me how expensive some of the items might be, and upon my arrival, I discovered that they were right.

While I had expected that customers would have to pay a very expensive price to obtain autographs and get pictures taken with the stars, I was shocked to discover that some of them do not even allow pictures to be taken. “If I’m paying $80 to see you, then I want a picture as well,” said Jessie Blackwell, a freshman radiology student at Jones County Junior College.

While cost was a concern, that feeling faded away fast when I walked around the photo-op booths. To my left, I saw “Terminator” actress Linda Hamilton, as well as a few science fiction actors and actresses from television. As I looked to my right, I discovered I was only feet away from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” actor Robert Englund.

Then I walked a bit farther, passing the long line of people who were waiting to take photos with “The Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus, and a few feet farther from that was an almost equally long line of fans waiting to meet Michael Rooker.

Though many customers were there for the purpose of meeting those actors and actresses, they also had the chance to meet Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel Comics. Though Lee did not take pictures, we still had the chance to shake his hand and get his autograph, which made the time spent waiting in line well worth it.

While meeting famous stars is definitely a perk to going to Comic Con, the panel discussions are also a great experience for not only the fans, but the actors and actresses as well.

“It’s been really exciting for me just to meet you guys and see the excitement and the fact that you appreciate the work that we both put in, because something like ‘The Terminator’ was hard work,” said actor Michael Beihn.

During the last day of Comic Con, I thought about all of the things I did throughout the trip. Yes, it was expensive. However, those costs do not only pay for the tickets, pictures and autographs. They also pay for many experiences you will not soon forget.