‘The Bachelor’ gets an undeserved bad rep


Illustration by Alexandria Moore.

People typically roll their eyes whenever “The Bachelor” comes up. Many people do not want to hear the words “Pilot Pete” or “the final rose” uttered in a sentence. Sure, “The Bachelor” is a show where women compete for one man in a series of cringey episodes full of drama, tears and more drama. So, for anyone who may be in the dark as to why “The Bachelor”—and for that matter, “The Bachelorette”— is so popular, here is what the series has to offer.

As people, we crave human connection. We want to feel closeness with others, often romantically. Seeing that captured on-screen is exciting and fun. Even more, it can satisfy the romantic in all of us who wants to see love fulfilled. Along with high viewership, “The Bachelor” fans often show support for their favorite contestant on Twitter, proving that fans like to invest in the on-screen romance.

Who doesn’t love competition? Competition is the basis for books, movies and television all over the world. It’s basic human interest. Seeing people shoot their shot in the hopes of finding their happily ever after is compelling television. And we know that the producers of “The Bachelor” play to people’s desire to watch this competition, and it works. 

Competition is a major part of what gets “The Bachelor” such high viewership. Most social media interaction with the show occurs when women make bold statements of superiority or get in arguments over who makes the best match for the bachelor.

According to Twitter, fans are not pleased with Peter Weber’s current season of “The Bachelor.” They feel that Weber has made the wrong choices along the way; however, that has not stopped people from viewing every Monday night. On, Feb. 10, 6.4 million people tuned into the show.

Even those forced into watching an episode of “The Bachelor” get hooked. How many friends and significant others do we know who once claimed hatred for the show and now can’t help but be emotionally invested? We love to hate it, and that’s part of the fun!

It is important to note that most fans of “The Bachelor” can acknowledge the problems with the show. 

We know that the producers work hard to ensure that we tune in every Monday night, and so the show is not realistic. Life and love are so different from how they are portrayed on the show, and we know that. Outside of “The Bachelor,” date nights do not take place under waterfalls and in jets, and you don’t end the night in a beautiful gown in a five star hotel. Fans of the show are not immune to eye-rolling in response to cringey moments.

Yet in the end, “The Bachelor” is just plain entertaining. For many, it is an opportunity to spend time winding down with loved ones, an opportunity to engage in a guilty pleasure. There is plenty of bad television out there, and we should be able to proudly proclaim our status as a member of Bachelor Nation without shame.