Swiping right isn’t genuine


Illustration by Kathleen Hetherington.

Dating in college has lacked authenticity since the beginning of time. Now, as dating apps increase in popularity, students are forced to swipe through hook-up centered bios in order to find the person of their dreams. 

Instead of exploring meet-cute situations in a supermarket, apps are being downloaded to find a soulmate. Though even dates are increasingly hard to find online. Apps such as Tinder or Grindr are more hook-up focused and rarely used for serious relationships. If someone does download a dating app to find an actual relationship, it’s difficult for them to maneuver through the countless faces who lack serious intentions. 

In the age of Tinder, students who look for a serious relationship are left empty-handed. Whether it be the absence of sincere choices or the picky personality of those looking, dating apps ruin the experience of looking for a serious partner. 

Colleges often highlight looking for new experiences throughout your four years. But these new experiences could lead to the destruction of future relationships. If all people are looking for in college is a simple hookup, that’s all they’re going to be looking for when they’re 32, too. 

Even when someone does enjoy online dating, they have to acknowledge swiping through profiles often seems like shopping for something you can’t afford. Even beyond this, we aren’t stable enough to fully commit to a relationship when our lives are filled with other obligations. Whether it be education or our career, college students are often too distracted to focus on present relationships. 

Dating apps were never an effective way to find a partner. Many have arguments against this, and evidence to prove otherwise, but they all make sure to mention it is a rare exception. And we can’t all be patient enough to be that exception. 

Making decisions based on open-ended bios and blurry photos isn’t an effective way to date. Giving false impressions of lives that don’t exist isn’t genuine for the beginning of a relationship. Meeting someone online doesn’t give you the same personality match as it does when you meet them in person.

While many have succeeded in finding their match online, no one wants to be introduced to family members as “the girl I met on Tinder.” While commitment is terrifying, finding a real life relationship instead beyond hook-up apps can be very relieving. 

The reality is, students are so focused on hooking up that it ruins their perception of future relationships. Instead of looking for a one-time connection through the internet, people should get to know who they meet, instead of being prepared to avoid them at all costs in the future.